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Dogas Info APK

Dogas Info APK v1.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Pomtoy anurag

9 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Dogas Info APK
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 9 April 2023
Publisher Pomtoy anurag
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Lifestyle
0/5 Rating (0)

The Dogas Info APK provides detailed information about the dog so owners can make an informed decision whenever they look after their dogs. It also includes breed-specific care guides and tips on maintaining health and general well-being during the pet’s life.

With this user-friendly tool, pet owners can access local pet grooming services with details such as price points, locations, special offers, and more, all in one place. Plus, they can set reminders to help them keep track of necessary appointments.

About Dogas Info APK

This app is an invaluable resource for busy dog owners who need someone to take their furry friend out for a walk during the day or night. All available walking services are listed with details, including rates and availability tailored to the customer’s location.

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This plus point contains training modules that users can look through at any time to better understand canine behavioral training tips, which are tailored to their specific breed classified by age group.

With this app companion, users can join discussion boards hosted by experts in various fields related to pet ownership. From nutrition and fitness advice to behavior modification tips, users will find multiple resources within these pages categorized by topic. That can help them find answers even faster and easier than ever.  

Features of Dogas Info APK:

  1. Health Records:

It allows users to keep detailed records of the health status of their pets. It includes adding multiple vaccinations, notes from vet visits, medications, dietary requirements, and more.

  • Nutrition Calculator:

To ensure your Four-legged friends get the optimal nutrition for their unique physical needs, it is important to consider age, gender, and breed when choosing food. The nutrition calculator in Dogas Info app takes out the guesswork by recommending the perfect meals for puppies up until adults.

  • Activity Tracker:

Keep tabs on your pet’s activities with this built-in feature. This activity tracker allows users to monitor activity levels throughout each day, measure moderate daily exercise, and help them track growth milestones, especially when they look ready to run a marathon or have put on five pounds too much.

  • Training Videos:

Many owners struggle with teaching their pooches basics, such as commands and housebreaking methods. This interactive component provides tips and advice from professional trainers to play directly within the application. This way, you don’t have to worry about going out of your way or spending extra money hiring an expert trainer – everything you need is provided in one place.

More Features Of The App

  • Safety Feature:

Knowing how curious cats and dogs can be, sometimes this app offers additional security for its users by setting up digital fences or geo-zones. All that is done for tracking location at all times, so if ever your pup goes missing – there would be someone watching out for her safety.

  • Breed Identification:

With this function, you’ll quickly identify which breed your furry pal belongs to – just upload any photo onto our application, and we’ll show you a selection of breeds that match most closely. Perfect for pet parents who may not know exactly what type of dog they own or are looking into getting one soon. In addition, this feature helps bring clarity if one needs it quickly.

  • Virtual Vet Appointments:

For moments when seeing a vet isn’t feasible due to time constraints or availability purposes. Our virtual appointments feature ensures our users still have access to professional medical advice. Connect with certified veterinarians anytime, anywhere, in real time via live video calls, providing acute investigations and diagnoses don’t go unresolved due to lack of access.


Moreover, with this helpful tool, users can search for stores nearby that carry supplies vital for their pet’s health and well-being. And examples include such as; food, toys, grooming products, and specialty items like organic treats. In addition, an interactive map included in the application allows for efficient pinpointing of any store nearby with just one click away.

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