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Hamster Live APK v1.0 (Latest Version) Free Download


15 June 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Hamster Live APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 15 June 2023
Publisher WeloGred
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Lifestyle
4.3/5 Rating (3)

Hamster Live APK is an adult site that is the continuation of the famous porn website named xhamster. This platform will enable you to watch your favorite people or models to be specific doing a unique interactive stuff that is, they will entertain you coming live. For other platforms, they have introduced a premium business model for this, but if you do not want to become a regular subscriber then you have an alternate option too that is this application. For the users of this noteworthy platform, it has made things easier for all, like they can access the content without taking memberships and waiting in long queues. Using the app is not difficult too.

The app has made great strides in ensuring top notch navigation technological advancement that enables seamless access to desired pages by its users. The development team strategically organized all content in user friendly sub sections with utmost precision and detail to make it extremely easy for the users to not face any troubleshooting issues when they are visiting the app for the first time.

About Hamster Live APK

Hamster Live APK is your comprehensive guide to your dating life. It has assisted millions of people around the world to meet and exchange the feelings about each other. Helping two hearts meet is a noble thing to do and if that ends up working so well then it becomes a reward for the people behind such platforms. Sometimes, people encounter problems where they get betrayed by a fake profile on the platform but that experience has been reduced significantly after the app took some serious steps against such people who are trying to scam others. The latest privacy updates have made things easier for all the users who are using this app for dating purposes.

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If you are seaching for a perfect match for yourself, then we think we can help you with that. For that you first have to download this amazing app that is providing you the chance of being able to use it for multiple purposes. This makes sure that you find someone who can prove to be a best other half of you. The filtering capability of the app is just amazing. It will instantly filter out the unnecessary results and show you the profiles that you might be interested in. This way, you can save a lot of your energy and also, you can get what you want without having extra headache.

More About the App

Continuing the concept of using the app for dating goals, we feel delighted to tell you that if you are unsure about anything while looking for your soulmate. Then you do not have to be worries, because we have got you covered. Just relax and hit the experts sections where all the love gurus as waiting for you.

You will see multiple gurus belonging to all genders, they will assists you with any kind of question you have in your mind. together with interacting with the via chat, you can take an appointment and have a one to one or face to face discussion about the issue. This will clear all your confusions that you have in your mind. Although all the other services that we have enumerated earlier are free of charge but it is important we disclose that appraoching an expert could entail some minimal charges. The compensation helps account for their valuable insights and time which greatly help in finding the suitable partners for individuals like you who seek guidance.

Features of Hamster Live APK:

18+ site
The app can be used for watching all the adult content if you are up for them. One good thing about this app is that it will be working and will remain functional even if there is a ban on such platforms in your country. You can still watch what you love through this app.

  1. Instructions about your safety

It is the core value of the app that says that safety of all users is inevitable to the management. So, it tires its best to ensure and safeguard everyones data and interest when they are using the app. This includes adding a separate sections where people get educate about how they can safely use the app without having to worry about things that could prove to be headache to them in future.

  1. Messaging

You can have a meeting with the people who interest you on the app through an easy and seamless process that is just by visiting the chatbox in the app. It not only enables you to have a chat but it equips your chatting experiences with numerous other features as well like the option to react on others’ messages.

  1. Livestream

You will be able to witness the livestream of some of the famous pornography models that you would have to purchase when you were on other apps but thanks to this site that it is now easier to make things work without doing much hardwork.

  1. Matching alogrithm:

Refine and streamline all of your searches using our highly effective app. You provide us with what you want to find. And we will handle the rest for you. Our program factors in your individualized data to furnish optimized results based on predetermined standards for you.


Hamster Live APK is one of its kind and a revolutionary application that is changing the dynamics of the dating market where many other giant companies are already operating. To give them some tough time, this app has introduced features that you will not find in others. Like the liking and sharing feature and some others as well. Thanks to the geolocation capabilities. It’s now possible for individuals to track their partners movements and location with ease. while complete accuracy may not be feasible due to security precautions. But if they have provide you with the permission to see their location then it can see be see with precision. Apart from these features, there is a bucket of other options as well that are waiting for users like you, go and enjoy them.

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