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E Coklit 1.4 2 APK

E Coklit 1.4 2 APK v1.4 2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


17 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name E Coklit 1.4 2 APK
Latest Version v1.4 2
Last Updated 17 February 2023
Publisher KPU
Requires Android 6.0 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The E Coklit 1.4 2 APK can help you with registering your vote for the 2024 elections if you are expected to become eligible to vote by then. The application adopts a transparent process in registering you with community data that will ultimately enable you to vote in the upcoming elections. If you are not aware of the process then we would like to explain this a little bit for you. Citizens of every country need to register themselves with the community record-keeping authority so that their vote could be consider authentic. In the case of Pakistan, the record-keeping authority is NADRA which is responsible for the identification and verification of different users. You have to register your vote with this authority because, on voting day, your vote will be counted only if your data is verified by the authority that is responsible for this process.

This app will help you with the process of registering yourself for voting. Being an app that asks for your data when you need to start the process of registration, your primary concern would be about the safety of your data. Addressing this reservation, we would love to tell you that the makers of this amazing app confidently claim that the data that users provide on the app is kept safe and secure. Moreover, it is not share with any other authority or organization, this is why the app is one of the safest places where you can register yourself for voting.

About E Coklit 1.4 2 APK

E Coklit 1.4 2 APK is a small app, it will not take much of your space in the internal storage of your device. Moreover, the small size of the app is also useful in saving the RAM for other necessary processes that take place in the background to ensure that your device is functioning normally. This app requires android 6.0 and above, if you have a phone that fulfills this basic requirement then it is compatible with the application and you can use it easily.

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The developer of the app is the famous makers of android apps KPU. It has some features that allow you to see the votes data or the data of people who have registered through this app, also you can see the reviews that they have left after using the services of this app. Going through the services, you will have a general idea about the authenticity of the app. 

Features of E Coklit 1.4 2 APK

Home Menu 

The home menu is the option where you can see all the information listed in a group and in a managed way so that the users can find what they are looking for easily. The menu can also assist you in checking the progress of voting, different categories of voters, and voters who are disable. 

Menu profile 

The menu profile is the area where all the data about you is present. The information that you have put in the app will appear by going to this option. Moreover, you can also see the TPS number or the working area where you will be casting your vote. 

Updating the data 

You can always update your data on the app through some easy steps. You just have to click on the update option and after opening it, you will see an option called choose action. This is where you will update the data that you wish to change. 


If you want to register your vote but do not want to keep waiting in the queue then E Coklit 1.4 2 APK is the app you need. Download this app now and register yourself. 

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