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EES Cloner APK

EES Cloner APK v3.2.6 (Latest Version) – Free to Download

Changsha Years Information Technology

31 January 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name EES Cloner APK
Latest Version v3.2.6
Last Updated 31 January 2023
Publisher Changsha Years Information Technology
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.8/5 Rating (6)

EES Cloner APK is a flexible app cloner. That enables users to run several instances of the same software simultaneously on any android device.  As a result, you won’t need to switch between them or log out of one account to log into another. So, to run several instances of the same app on your phone. The is the perfect tool for managing several social media accounts on a single device. Since it allows you to quickly switch between accounts with just one click.

About the EES Cloner APK

People frequently have several accounts across different social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as social media usage grows. But managing numerous accounts on a single device may be difficult and time-consuming, particularly if you have to go back and forth frequently. EES Cloner APK comes in useful in this situation. With the help of the robust app cloning tool App, you can make perfect copies of any app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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The software is incredibly user-friendly and makes duplicating applications as simple as a few clicks. The software is incredibly user-friendly and makes duplicating apps as simple as a few clicks. The main distinction between the original and the cloned app is that the cloned app’s certificate changes, which has an impact on the functioning of some applications, like YouTube, which needs the appropriate certifications and licenses.

Numerous well-known applications, including Amazon Kindle, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, and Line, among others, are supported by the app’s cloning feature. You may choose the application you want to copy, give it a new name, and alter the color of its icon to make it stand out from the original. The procedure is simple and fast, and the cloned app may be used right away.

Features of EES Cloner APK

Dual App

You may concurrently run two copies of any software on your Android device with this app. As a result, several accounts for the same application can be logged into and used concurrently.

Simple Switching

You may quickly switch between many cloned copies of an app with only one click using EES Cloner APK. By eliminating the need to log out of one account and into another, it is easier to transition between several accounts of the same application.

Simple to Use

Even for people who are completely new to app cloning, EES Cloner APK is quite simple to use. Installing the app, choosing the app you wish to clone, and starting a new instance is all that are required. Your app drawer will then display the duplicated app, enabling you to sign in with a separate account.

Multiple App Support

Numerous apps are supported by EES Cloner APK, including well-known social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp as well as games like Pokemon and Coke. This makes it the perfect method for controlling many app accounts on a single device.


Each cloned instance of an app may have its settings and look customized using EES Cloner APK. This gives you more control over the apps you use, allowing you to personalize them to suit your needs.


For Android smartphones, EES Cloner APK is a flexible app cloner that makes it simple to run several instances of the same software on a single device. EES Cloner APK has you covered whether you wish to maintain several social network accounts or play various gaming accounts. For anyone who wishes to manage several accounts on a single device, it is the perfect option thanks to its user-friendly interface and privacy protection features.

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