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Game Berandal Sekolah APK

Game Berandal Sekolah APK v1.98.1 [Latest Version] – Download

Aim to Mite

9 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Game Berandal Sekolah APK
Latest Version v1.98.1
Last Updated 9 April 2023
Publisher Aim to Mite
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Game Berandal Sekolah APK is an action game that allows players to discover the premises of school and combat with enemies. This game’s mechanics incorporates exploration of school, interaction with characters, combat, action, and last but not the least character customization.

In this game players rule their school as a delinquent. Main character of this game is Ucok, who is very determined and resilient student. Players play this game as Ucok and fight with dangerous gangster to assert dominance over their schools. Moreover, players freely explore and navigate school environment and surroundings, interact with other characters and combat with fierce gangsters. For fight players are given multiple weapon options. To come up on top and defeat rivals’ players should smartly plan each move and hone combat skills.

About Game Berandal Sekolah APK

Search for unique and intriguing games is always tiring; if you are also in search of new game with engaging game play then your search ends here. Game Berandal Sekolah APK is new action packed game that provides players thrilling and adventurous gaming experience. In this game players play the role of Ucok who is tough and determined high school student. He is given task to fight with fierce rivals in order to show his dominance over the school. For fights players are given many options of weapons which they can use depending on the situation. As players complete challenges they can unlock new characters.

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This action game tests combat skills and problem solving skills of players, so in order to defeat the enemies players should precisely manage their moves and execute plans with great care. Additionally this game has many elements that enhance its gameplay, one of those elements is character customization, and this feature allows players to change the overall look of Ucok. Exploration is the key in this game; players navigate the environment of school, interact with new characters, unlock new characters, uncover hidden mysteries and fight with gangsters.

Apart from the action element of this game, players can also experience the personal life of character and choose life partner for Ucok. This feature adds another layer of immersion to this games storyline and lets players control the personal life of Ucok. Other unique features of this game are Character customization, insight of the characters personal life, mini games and side quests, mesmerizing sound track and aesthetically rendered graphics.

Features of Game Berandal Sekolah APK

  • Mini games

In Game Berandal Sekolah APK players can also play mini games and side quests along with the main challenges. This will allow them to earn rewards and bonuses and add an extra layer of immersion to game play.

  • Exploration

In this game players can explore the school environment, uncover hidden secrets and unfold mysteries. Moreover they can unlock new battlegrounds and areas in the school.

  • Wide range of weapons

For combat, this application provides enormous range of weapons; players can use weapons depending upon the situation and defeat their enemies.

  • Character customization

One of the striking features of this application is that it allows users to customize the Ucok’s costume, and give him a unique personalized look.

Dynamic mechanics

Game Berandal Sekolah APK has unique mechanics that make it different from other action packed games. Players can easily get captivated by its immersive and dynamic mechanics.


Game Berandal Sekolah APK is intriguing action-packed game that gives unique gaming experience to players. This game has captivating graphics, immersive soundtracks, engaging gameplay and unique challenges. Once players start playing this game they will be hooked to it. So, download this game now and witness the dominance of Ucok on high school.

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