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GameCenter APK v6.2.48.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


12 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name GameCenter APK
Latest Version v6.2.48.2
Last Updated 12 March 2023
Publisher vivoglobal
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Gaming industry is growing day by day in the world either if we are talking about lite size small games or PC supported heavy games. Every gamer has gone through both. The installation of the game was simple. Just go on Play Store and download whatever game you want of your taste. Sometimes you have more than one game of your taste and you have to separately download that one. Which is quite time consuming. If you are looking for the application that is hub for the games. And tens of games are already installed in one application, then we an application GameCenter APK. As the name shows, Centre for gaming.

About GameCenter APK

The main objective is to provide the users all their favorite and time passing games in one application. Means now you don’t have to download different games separately, just download “Game Centre” and it will browse you more games in one application than any other application.

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The application is not only available on Android OS but also on IOs. You can play the application on your phone as well as tablet. The games in it are mostly for kids from age 8 to 14. You will not find any 18+ content or violence in it. that’s why it is safe for everyone to use. Right now it has like tens of games but the aim is go through 100 games. Yes, 100 games. Imagine so many games in just one application. No need to download and waste time on downloading every game. Isn’t that great?

Features Of GameCenter APK

  • Gaming Hub:

Providing tens of games in just GameCenter APK is something very rare in market nowadays. That’s why people call “Game Centre” as the hub of the games. Where you will find many games related to your taste.

  • Classification of Games:

Games are actually divided in categories. If you want arcade games, then there is button above of a category named “arcade”. Similarly, there are many other categories like puzzle, action, featured games etc. which makes easy for the users to select the games of their taste.

  • Updating Games:

If you think that games in it are the only games that you can play or we are offering. Then probably you are wrong. More games are yet to come, because developers are making this application up to date. So stay tuned.

  • Age Limit & Violence factor:

The application is basically made for lite games. And lite games are popular in kids from 8-14, older can also play the game. Purpose of discussing it, was to aware its users that it doesn’t have any adult 18+ content in it. that can disturb you by any means. Just download and enjoy the ocean of games.

  • Gameplay and Downloading:

You can run GameCenter APK on both mobile and tablet. Although it is more fun on tablet, of course who doesn’t like playing games on big screens. But you can also enjoy that on your phone too. downloading is simple, application is available on Google Play Store. Just search and download. No limitations of Android OS versions. Can run on every processor.


Application provides you tens of games in one application. Although more games are yet to come on it. games are easy and helpful in passing time. just go on Play Store and Download to enjoy this gaming Hub called “Game Centre”.

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