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Girl Life APK v1.0 [Latest] Download For Android

Girl Life INC

24 September 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Girl Life APK
Latest Version v1.0
Last Updated 24 September 2023
Publisher Girl Life INC
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 195.01 MB
5/5 Rating (3)

Girl Life APK is a remarkably great new game based on the life of a young and lonely girl who is going to go to her college for the first time. There is a lovely little girl that you need to look after. After starting the game, she will introduce herself to you and tell you what is going on and what is going to happen in the next moments and the levels to come. You need to listen to her and see what she needs so that you can offer her help. First things first, you can have control over most of the assets in the like the body shaping of the protagonist girl and the environment too if you want to be the architect of the game yourself.

Apart from customizing the main character, you can also show some editing skills in the college as well. When making the college, you will be asked about various aspects of the building about what changes you want in it and after getting your command it will also assist you in building it. Without this help, it will take lot of time for you to complete initial procedures before starting the game, so it is advised to you to keep these things in mind. Moreover, you will have a Google maps like feature in this game as well that will show you various corners and locations of the college to let you know about the main spots to visit like if you want to have a brunch then you do not have to wander around randomly instead you can just see the map and reach there.

About Girl Life APK

Girl Life APK is based on the concept of quest system that means when the protagonist steps into the college premises she will be given various challenges and tasks to complete and if she is successful in completing them then she will move on to the next levels where she will meet with more difficult missions to fulfil. The game only gets interesting with time. You will see yourself in this game as a college going kid.

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It will not only provide you with some masala in life but also revive those old unforgettable days that you had in your college with those forever friends with whom you used to have strong bonds and highly active whatsapp groups which have vanished now due to the distance between you all. We used to think one day before about what it will be like and will I be able to find my classroom or not. This is an example for you to have an idea about how this game works. We understand that this quest might not look very tough to you but let us warn, it is going to take a lot of efforts. So be careful with such tasks and do not take them lightly because anything in this game can surprise you at any stage, you never know that.

More About the App

The third major thing that is going to grab your attention is the dialogue choices. This means you are not longer restricted to using in-built dialogue instead you can feed you own dialogues as well. This gives you the ability to feed something in your own language that is a fantastic feature in a sense that it boosts your interest in the game as you are able to listen to the characters speak your tongue. This is the difference you will observe while playing this game.

Moving on, another skill that you will become master of after you become a well-known player in this game is managing your time in the best way possible because as kids we do not know about how to use our time fruitfully that creates lots of problems for us but not anymore because you are going to be the best in it now. To track and analyze your relationship with other characters like your classmates and teachers. There is a relationship tracker that will let you know how far you have been successful in convincing the other person you are addressing or interacting with. This meter is something that is going to be of great value for you during your stay in this game because that is going to be a bit long.

Features of Girl Life APK:

  1. Event organizing

You can organize certain events in the game like annual day and others after joining your college. These events are going to cost you some fortune that you need to collect and save by playing the game.

  • Emotional decisions

You can influence other players to take decisions that are based on the emotions of the main player or the protagonist.

  • Development

From the experiences and the time in the game your main character will evolve and develop certain skills that will help you win the game in later stages.

  • Multiple endings

You can vary and change how the game ends. By changing various dynamics of the game, you will be able to transform certain settings and make changes as well.

  • Day and night cycle

You can play the game in both cycles, that entirely depends on what you prefer the most because ultimately you are the one who is going to have the controls so set settings that suit you.


Get your hands on this beautiful girl in Girl Life APK that is a new and incredible game on the internet that is making huge noises among game enthusiasts. If you have not tried it yet, then let us tell you this that you are missing out a lot so do not forget to enter this universe once before you do anything else after leaving this page. It will help you engage yourself in productive work rather than just sitting on a couch watching a useless Netflix season or a movie. It will not enhance your knowledge about multiple things but also help you improve your emotional intelligence that is one skill that we all need to have while making certain decisions.

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