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Goku.to APK v1.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download


22 December 2022 (1 year ago)

App Name Goku.to APK
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 22 December 2022
Publisher Goku.to
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Goku.to APK is a 2D action and fighting game falling in the adventure genre. We are in the era of 3D games but still, we cannot forget the time when we used to play in 2D and spend our time on amazing 2D games all day long. We all have a special place for 2D games in our hearts because we have grown up watching and playing them all the time. This game will take you on an adventurous journey full of action and thrill. Goku is the main character of the game. 

About Goku.to APK

You will be assisting Goku in helping the world from monsters who want to enslave humanity and rule the world. You will be helping him save a goddess who is a hostage. Through your skills, Goku will enter the battleground and fight against the enemy to save the goddess and the world. The game is simple and the controls are easy. It is one of the few straightforward games where developers have tried to engage the users as much as they can. You do not get confused about various game controls and maps. just have to kill your enemy and move on to the next level. You might think it is an easy game to play by the first impression but it is not what it looks like. The game has an increasing difficulty level as you pass different stages.

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So, Goku.to APK is ready to make your boredom go away, just get this on your phone and start your venture today. Goku is ready to endanger his life for saving the human race from evil, he wants to get your help in his mission. You will be giving him directions about various tasks. He alone cannot win this battle. The enemy is strong. If you do not help Goku, he might get killed in the first place. To download the game and join Goku in his mission.

Features of Goku.to APK 

This game is unique in the sense that it provides amazing features in the 2D category. No other game is this much engaging. Let us see what are the few noteworthy features this game has got.

  • Difficulty level

The difficulty level increases with each level

  • Levels

There are thirty levels in the game. You are considered the winner when you pass all the thirty levels. 

  • Artistic style 

The game has a nice and simple pixel art style. The graphics are not advanced level ones but still, they look awesome on different devices. 

  • Story-based

You will be following a script in this game. The story is about saving a goddess and saving the world from evil. 

  • Bosses concept

The game has a concept of three bosses who assess your skills and abilities by putting you in hard situations. It is up to you how you impress them. Impressing them will bring you huge incentives that will help you in your mission. 

  • Awards

As you pass different levels, you are given different awards and more powerful weapons so that you could destroy more powerful enemies easily. 


Goku.to APK takes you back to the 2D world, with amazing new features that everyone is loving, this game is becoming everyone’s favorite in no time. Story-based games are always fun to play, you follow a specific script as you take different decisions in the game. In Goku.to APK, there is a hostage situation, and if you take any wrong decision you will end up getting the hostage killed. So, every step you will take must be after thoroughly evaluating the situation. 

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