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Green App Player APK

Green App Player APK v1.6 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Golden Soft Bilişim

2 August 2023 (11 months ago)

App Name Green App Player APK
Latest Version v1.6
Last Updated 2 August 2023
Publisher Golden Soft Bilişim
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Thousands of application have the characteristics to download videos, another big amount of application are there with the ability to stream live TV but you will have rare applications that do efficient and broad premises of media playing. The applications for any TV live performance, VOD and other series type of contents are lesser that is the reason there is just no competition to have a better application, the application we are going to write and read about is one of the best functioning application for its work. Let’s have a deep look into the much acclaimed Green app player APK.

The Green app player APK is an application for contents like live TV, series, VOD and local, in the storage, audio and video player that will allow you to use these contents with a new and amazing way. You can use the application in your android phone when you have android TV t run, firesticks and other such featured application. This amazing application will help you play the contents in a unique way making everything so manageable and so much categorical. The contents are set and played in an amazing way that you can enjoy the amazing work of the application.

About the Green App Player APK

The Green app player APK is an app player that android users and other users use to play the indigenous contents of the storage and application of the device. This amazing player allows you to play VOD, live TV, local audio and video of the device storage and also various series. You can use the application in your android phones for better usage of the aboriginal and indigenous contents of the mobile.

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The application supports some extreme codes API, m3u URL and supports playlist making it easy manageable application and so good in its work. You can watch movies, series, and stream radio in the application so you do not require any type of a lot of players and applications for your use.

Features of the Green app player APK

These features of the amazing application Green app player APK are its prominent features;

  • Player; the application is live TV supporting player that also plays the movies, VOD, local audio and video as an easy managing player.
  • Streaming; live TV and series plus audio streaming is also supported.
  • Supports; the application supports m3u URL and playlist along with the extreme codes API.

How to download the Green app player APK?

You can follow these steps to download the application with ease and securily;

  1. Go to the download manager of you device and download the application by clicking in the download button.
  2. Then go to your setting and there to unknown sources. And enable the security options.
  3. When you go for installing the application the application will have two options pop up.
  4. As per your understanding and ways of understanding go and agree and disagree with the process to set it up.
  5. When all of the settings, download and installation is completed and then start your use of the application with the ‘open’ button pushed.
  6. Enjoy using this amazing application with so much features and very categorical representation of the contents and as a best player of the given contents.


As mentioned that the Green app player APK is an amazing design of the software engineers to make it the best use for the best experience of your device. You can enjoy the series, TV,VOD, movies and also local video and audio in your device with ease.so, go and download the application to have amazing experience.

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