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HeyHey APK v1.1.8 (Latest Version) – Free Download


12 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name HeyHey APK
Latest Version v1.1.8
Last Updated 12 October 2023
Publisher HeyHey
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Social
4/5 Rating (2)

There are a lot of problems when you are famous or from small to a big profile celebrity. The most of problems occur on special occasions where you expect any greetings from anyone in the crowd but all of sudden you cannot find or either your inbox is so much full of greeting messages from all race of people. This makes chaos as you cannot find out who send what and when or whether it’s of use or not.

Here is when you need an application that can make things clearer and easier for you. The HeyHey APK is such type of application that has the features to set you free from such hindrances and obstacles. Through HeyHey APK you can connect to your fans and others and send them unique types of videos in no real time, the message you send are personalized so it makes the crowd go so much crazy for you.

About the HeyHey APK

The HeyHey APK connects you to your fans in a very differing way then other complex applications and help you maintain the best of your relationships with your fans. This app gives you a specially made for you, custom page, where you can send your own track and price, your bookings and share any kind of professional or amateur videos with convenience and ease.

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Though a portion of the shoutout goes directly to charity. You can attach with your fans and make your them so happy, even can increase your fan following with the features of this amazing application by making your special occasion get uniqueness with the help of this app and reach out direct to your fans heats and a better attachment. This relays an exclusive greeting to everyone of your fans with a customized set up that helps you to reach every fan in no real time.

You have, like other social platforms, option to tag or search anyone specifically you want to add in there. Are amazing other ways out in the app that make the app so much engaging for a low or high level of celebrity to enjoy and have some best out of their relationship from the best fans they have accumulated so far. The app provides a social and private spaces, both, to their users. The app is one of the most secure and safe site for the mentioned purpose and have a lot good connection or rather soft connection to the internet. The application is so much compatible with your software and hardware of the device.one can get the app from sites like this and enjoy the company of their fans throughout the journey they are in both.

Features of the HeyHey APK

  • Security; the application is one of the best secured sites throughout in the industry with such uniqueness.
  • Uniqueness; every social and private platform has their copy versions but this application is, insanely, unique and has no any competitors in the industry.
  • Search and tag option; there is a specified option and a toolbox for searching by which you can connect to whoever you want and to whom ever you want.
  • Customized message; you can send both customized and general message to whom you want to send it.
  • Lightly for internet; the application has so much to do but still is very light to use and has no Burdon to both the internet and the device in use.


The HeyHey APK is one of the best platform for those overburdened and overwhelmed celebrities who have not been able to show some respect to their audience or fans. This is such a disrespect to the people who feel down due to the behavior of the celebs. Though the fan do not know that there is so much love from the hero to them that they cannot show it to everyone personally. But this application has made it so easy for the celebs that they can have a customized message to send each and every fan.

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