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Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK

Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK v17.00 (Latest Version) – Download

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27 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK
Latest Version v17.00
Last Updated 27 March 2023
Publisher Whatsapp Mods
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Communication
1.5/5 Rating (2)

Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified (Mod) version of the giant chatting and media-sharing platform WhatsApp. You would ask why we need a Mod version when we can use WhatsApp for free. Well, there are certain restrictions on the users when they are using WhatsApp like they are not allowed to download their friends’ statuses or they are not allowed to hide their active status from their contacts. This is why developers come up with Mod apps that bypass all the restrictions and give you a restriction-free experience. You can use all the features of WhatsApp which are now permitted on the original platform. 

About Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK

Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK is the most trusted and downloaded app among all the Mod versions in the market. Its downloads are in millions which is a prove of how popular this app is getting in a short period. It is an extensive platform providing you with all the restricted features under one umbrella.

Communication is the core instrument for survival in today’s world. If we are concerned about a means to communicate instantly then this application is the perfect solution. It provides you with the fastest messaging service much faster than other Mod versions and even faster than the original application. The media sharing service is appreciable on this platform, it will deliver your photos and videos without reducing their quality, and you do not have to send everything in a document form after you download this app on your phone. 

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One of the major issues that Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK has addressed is the issue of safety and data protection. Unlike other Mod versions, this will ensure that your data and your security are always kept as the priority. If you are looking for a version of WhatsApp then this is the perfect place for you have come to. 

Features of Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK

This application will outperform all its competitors because it is an innovative and improved version with stunning features ready to blow your mind. Let us discover them:

  1. Customization

This feature will allow you to set your preferred theme. There are a variety of themes available for you from which you will choose your favorite one and set it as the application’s theme. Moreover, it provides other customization options as well like the color of the text and buttons. You can customize the entire interface according to your own choices. 

  • Emoticons or Emojis

You have been provided with hundreds of new and exciting emoticons in this Mod version through which you can convey your emotions. The original app has a limited number of emoticons, but you will get many on this app. 

  • File sharing

You can only send files with a maximum of 16MB size on the original app but on this app, you will be able to share files up to 50MB in size. 

  • Online Status

You can easily hide your online status from your contacts.

  • Cleaner

This app enables you to erase all unimportant files and messages easily. 

  • Autoreply option

This feature is only available on the business WhatsApp on the original app but here you can use it on this app as well. 


Apart from the features mentioned above, it also provides you with an amazing interface and creative graphics. Also, you can change fonts, wallpapers, and styles with ease. Instalar WhatsApp Plus APK is a perfect app that you must have on your phone. You need to click on the download link to get it on your android device right away. Good luck and thank you for visiting!

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