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Learn The Heart APK

Learn The Heart APK v0.2 (Latest Version) – Free Download

MyTe Health

1 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Learn The Heart APK
Latest Version v0.2
Last Updated 1 March 2023
Publisher MyTe Health
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Education
5/5 Rating (1)

Learn The Heart APK is a mobile device application (APK) intended for people hoping to find out about the life structures and capability of the human heart. The application gives a complete and intelligent opportunity for growth for its users, everything being equal and for every age people.

About Learn The Heart APK

The application features are definite outlines and highlights of the heart and its different parts, including the chambers, valves, and veins. Clients can focus on various pieces of the heart and view activities that show how blood courses through the organ. Moreover, the application remembers data for normal heart conditions, like hypertension and coronary illness, and offers ways to keep a solid heart.

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One of the champion elements of ” Learn The Heart APK” is its test mode. Which permits clients to test their insight into heart life structures and capability. The application likewise incorporates a cheat sheet mode, making it simple to survey key ideas, concepts, and terms.

The application is easy to use and simple to explore, with a straightforward and clean point of interface. It is accessible in different languages and dialects, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

The amazing application is a phenomenal asset for anybody hoping to look into the human heart and how to keep a sound heart. It is an important device for understudies, medical care experts, and also for those with any interest in grasping the complexities of the human body.

Features of Learn The Heart APK

This application is an amazing addition in lives of millions of people as it contains one of the very important functions for a person. Someone who wants to know about heart and what it has inside and also about different illnesses of heart. The application has these amazing features and characteristics;

  • Gives definite data, info, and graphic representation of the various parts and elements of the human heart
  • Contains movements to show how blood courses through the heart.
  • It also offers data on normal heart conditions like hypertension and coronary illness.
  • Incorporates a test mode to test clients’ information on heart life systems and capability.
  • Cheat sheet mode for a simple survey of key ideas, concepts, and terms.
  • Easy to use interface and accessible in different dialects and languages.
  • An important asset for understudies, medical care experts, and also for those with any interest at all in.
  • figuring out the intricacies of the human body.


Learn The Heart APK is a mobile application that provides users with detailed information and illustrations of the different parts and functions of the human heart. It includes animations to show how blood flows through the heart. Information on common heart conditions such as hypertension and coronary disease, and ways to keep a healthy heart. The application also includes a test mode to test users’ knowledge of heart anatomy and function. A cheat sheet mode for easy review of key concepts and terms, and a user-friendly interface available in multiple languages. It is a valuable resource for students, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of the human body.

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