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Lifting hero mod APK

Lifting hero mod APK v42.2.20 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Rollic Games

21 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Lifting hero mod APK
Latest Version v42.2.20
Last Updated 21 May 2023
Publisher Rollic Games
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

In the world of so many body building we have brought you the best application for building your muscles so that you can have a healthy way of building your muscles and by lifting different weights. The application is fit to your requirements and has some amazing graphic that you would love to have in your device. The application works by different amazing challenges and have a lot of rewards for you.

We always think that things like weight lifting and body and muscle building is always training based skill that we can only acquire through hard work in training centers under professional couches but we disregard the self-improvement in these skills vi some possible self-learning and self-development without any trainer or couch.

About the Lifting hero mod APK

We all have the susceptibility towards having a strong body muscel and also having six packs in the region but we most of the time don’t really know from where to start, so if even we try, we let it saying it is grueling but we disregard the need for a help in doing so. The Lifting hero mod APK will provide you with every required solution for this purpose; this is a virtual trainer or your couch for the purpose. The weight lifting and body building application gives you the main ideas of how to develop muscles that you will require for weight lifting and other purposes of body building.

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You have and will start of your journey with your trainer (the application), starting from lifting small weights and slowly ascending to get towards big ones. The application has level systems which helps you go through it with ease and in a disciplined way. You are never made or expected to lift a big mass of lifting at start rather it is a gradual training where you are curved into a strong man or women. The application provides you with motivation alongside so that you do not ovelwhelm and quit. The game is a manual platform so whenever you find a time space you can go for it for few minutes even and get yourself a body with muscles. The application also helps you evaluate yourself with the techniques it has to evaluate you.

Features of the Lifting hero mod APK

The following features are the main source of its popularity;

  1. Slow and ascending progress; the applications does not feed you for years in just a few days rather it is an ascending and gradual process you are part of, it will never overwhelm you with extra hard work rather it has a stepwise system.
  2. Easy to use and engaging; the application is so much easy to use and has an engaging system of training where you will never feel bored or giving up. The application is so much easy to use that you can use it with few simple clicks.
  3. Advertisement; you will have a bar that advertises your progress or rather evaluates you on daily basis.
  4. Sell and buy; the application is not just a weight lifting or muscle building application rather its horizons are broader as you can sell and buy the lifts, you can sell your weight lifting to buy new.
  5. Cute graphics and has sound tracks; the application is an amazing engineering of graphics of high quality and of geniuses’. The application has some amazing and rocking and inspiring sound tracks that help you remain in the business.
  6. Auto click feature.


As mentioned the application is not just a package to have some boring tactics to have a body shaped rather it is engaging and has some amazing features to amuse you in your journey. Also the application has soundtracks that help to boost your spirit. Go and shape your body and muscles for weight lifting.

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