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Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android

Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK v1.3.2


18 October 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android
Latest Version v1.3.2
Last Updated 18 October 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 43 MB
4.3/5 Rating (6)

The world of technology shows the dominance of social media. There are creators in this race who are known for their amazing content. Also, some of the elite individuals are leaving every other competitor behind. Visual content has always been the key to withhold the viewers and give them the best entertaining hours. So, the new Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK gives a free platform for all creators in this line-up.

About Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK

This free tool gives ultimate play area to create engaging and eye captivating videos. The content can be taken to a whole higher spot with the free features of this amazing application. Also, any one can be a creator as each individual has their own unique mindset and creativity. They only need one shot and platform that put their creativity into good use.

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Addition to that, this application is going to be the game changer for new social media sensations and influencers. They are able to manage their daily videos and easy save draft videos. Also, such videos can be use as templates from the save option for any new content as well. The person can change the whole scenario of the videos using the background remover option for classy look.

Moving ahead, the application allows free-hand editing as well. It has been embed with simple yet advance editing tools that render in great image quality, excellent visuals, and clear audio. Also, the tools comes in a handy look and smart icons. Every one can utilize these tools easily. Editing is not difficult and irritating but you don’t have the right application for that.

More About The App

The main purpose behind making this application is to give rich software that helps everyone in creating versatile content. The content can be upload to various social media platforms and other entertainment sites as well. Whether you are using Instagram and want to make the best reels that stand out from others, you can use this application. Also, Facebook Ads can be made for commercial purpose as well.

Moreover, the idea of YouTube shorts is taking over lengthy videos and there are many channels that only make short videos. So, this application comes with pre-install templates and videos that can serve you in this regard. The user only has to select the genre and add some pictures or text, the rest is done by the application itself. Also, these pre-made templates are free to edit and use.

Furthermore, the user can create high-quality videos with the best resolutions and audio quality. The application supports all high resolutions and it does not scratch the original video. Also, any low voice or sound effect can be enhance using the auto-improve option as well. Any irrelevant voice or background noise can also be edited swiftly.

Features of Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK

Edit anything:

Editing is very specific in some platforms like only for pictures or videos but this application is very versatile. It allows the user to edit pictures, videos, reels, shorts, and many more.

In-built Templates:

There are unique and engaging templates that holds for many purposes. Whether you want to create an Instagram reel or edit your picnic video, the application always got your back.

Add Music:

There is a never-ending library of classic and soothing music available for the user. Also, there are other genre of music as well that can be add to videos and pictures to make them more beautiful.

Editing Tools:

Old pictures can look more brighter or boring videos can shift to enjoyable content. The editing tools are just astonishing. Also, they cast spell on the content and make it standout from the mob.

Simple UI:

The user interface is very simple yet gives more engaging tools to the users. Also, it provides the area to master the craft and put it in good use as well.


Lastly, Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK is substituting every other editing application in the market. It comes with appealing UI, world-class editing tools, engaging icons, iconic templates, magical music and a lot more to explore. Selecting other applications over such a versatile and astounding application is a fools choice. Be wise and download Lono AI Reel Maker and Editor Android APK now!

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