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Mini Motorways APK v1.4 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Mini Motors

17 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Mini Motorways APK
Latest Version v1.4
Last Updated 17 March 2023
Publisher Mini Motors
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.4/5 Rating (5)

Gaming world is filled with many arcade, Racing and other types of games but it doesn’t give you the games you want in your mobile phones. The unique idea of the games is nearly ending because of so many copies of one game. And if you find one unique game then it always has some kind of glitches in it that makes you delete the game and never play. But now you don’t have to worry about special games in your phone. We have a game that is quite unique and latest in the market. Plus, the concept of the game is great. Download Mini Motorways APK in your phone right now!

About Mini Motorways APK

A great development of dinosaur Polo club, game is called Mini Motorways that sound like the racing game but believe us, it isn’t. The game gives you all the authority to make your own city with your own ideas and the key factor of making city should be the traffic control of the city. Make the city so well planned that there must be no any traffic block in it. This unique concept is liked by thousands of other gamers in the world.

The gameplay is something worth appreciating, as we all know that game is all about traffic control. So you will be given a car along with certain time period by which you have to collect packages from the houses. Make the roads so well planned and easy to go that your car can move without stopping for traffic jam. If you manage to collect all the packages in time, you win or else play again.

The controls are quite easy too, once you play the game, you will play the game more often. The developers have made the controls so executable and easy to adjust that you will play the game with comfort. You can also wide your range of cities as you get advance in the game. You will have more cities under you which you have to modify. So don’t wait and download the game. You will never find a game with this much features.

Features of Mini Motorways APK

  • Best Concept:

The game gives you entire authority over the creation of your own city, with traffic control being the most crucial factor to consider. Make the city so well-planned that no traffic bottlenecks may possibly occur. This unique concept is enjoyed by thousands of other players all over the world.

  • Greatest Gameplay:

The gameplay is worth noting, since we all know that the game is primarily about traffic management. You will be granted a car as well as a time limit within which you must collect packages from the households. Make the roads so well-designed that your car can go without halting due to traffic congestion. You win if you collect all of the packages in a timely manner.

  • Easy to Play:

The controls are simple, and you’ll want to play the game again after you’ve completed it. You will enjoy playing the game because the controls are so simple to use and customize.

  • Expand your City Network:

As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to expand your city selection. You’ll have additional cities to manipulate under your control.

  • No Ads:

Yes, no ads will interrupt your gaming experience.


Good news for individuals who like to design cities according to their preferences and who want cities to be more well-planned. We understand that you haven’t been able to find a game on this subject, but you don’t have to be concerned about special games on your phone any longer. We’ve got a unique game that’s also new to the market. In addition, the game’s concept is great. Download Mini Motorways to your phone right now!

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  • Jannes

    1 year ago

    Great game!!!