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Nekopoi 2023 APK

Nekopoi 2023 APK v4.0 (Latest Version) – Free Download


1 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Nekopoi 2023 APK
Latest Version v3.4
Last Updated 1 March 2023
Publisher Nekopoi
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4/5 Rating (1)

We have been bringing you different apps from the entertainment genre for people of all ages. This time, we are bringing you Nekopoi 2023 APK which is one of the most visited sites for anime movies. It has been designed for adults and children both. If you are an anime lover and want to spend your leisure time watching anime movies then here is what you need to have on your android device. This app has a huge collection of anime movies covering almost all genres. If you are new to this anime word then let us tell you that it is a Japanese animated character. People have been making movies on these characters and they have been some blockbusters. If you are looking for a platform for watching anime movies then this is one app that will enable you to access all the movies without paying anything.

This is a free app and there are no subscription charges at all. You just have to go through a small registration process. After that, you can search for any movie and the app will show it to you in no time. 

About Nekopoi 2023 APK

Nekopoi APK is different from other apps in the sense that it asks for your personal information during the registration process. It will enable you to watch the movies online as well as download them on your phone for offline use. This is one of the unique features available on this application. Letting users download the movies on their devices builds the trust of the users and more people start coming on the platform. The downloads are in a high-resolution HD version. You can watch all the movies after downloading them if you do not have continuous access to the internet. There is no restriction on how much you can download, users are allowed to download as much as they want.

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Nekopoi APK keeps adding new and latest-released movies. The anime film industry has a very large fanbase and people love to watch them. That is why the filmmakers keep making new anime movies with time keeping into account the current requirements of the general public. Moreover, the app also updates users about upcoming movies and release dates. It is a platform where you get to know everything about your favorite anime characters and high-grossing movies. 

How to start watching on Nekopoi APK?

To start streaming, you have to go through a minor registration process. Firstly, open the application. The homepage will appear and it will ask you to enter your login credentials. You have to ignore that when you are visiting the app for the first time. You will see an option for making a new account. Click on that option. After that, you will have to enter all your personal information that the app will ask from you. Then enter your email address. You will receive a one-time password on your email address. Copy that OTP and enter it in the box that will appear on the app. After entering the code, you will be able to see the homepage of the app. Now go to the search bar and search for your favorite movie. 

Features of Nekopoi APK

Let’s dive into the pool of amazing features that this video streaming site offers its users. There are many of them and we might not be able to augment all of this to this article. You will be able to discover all of them once you get this app on your devices. For now, let’s see what it has got for us:

  1. Network speed

This app is faster than other video streaming apps available on the internet. It does not lag and you will not experience any kind of buffering while watching a video. This is one thing that users keep as a high priority when they start searching for a video streaming platform specifically for watching a movie because they are of longer format and require a good website to run smoothly. 

  • Safe site

The app has been double check and it has been run through various tests to confirm that it is free of any kind of viruses and malware. The developers claim that their app is clean and will not negatively affect the users’ data and their devices. You can confirm this by having a look at their certificates and licenses. Nowadays, people scam others on the internet by providing them with fake apps which after installation, damage the user’s device. But you do not have to worry about this stuff while having to download Nekopoi APK.

  • Size 

It comes in a small size that does not take up more space on your device and also it does not put a burden on your processor. This helps you to have a smooth experience while using the application. 

  • Downloads 

You can download all the episodes for watching them offline. The download option is a life-saving feature for users who live in regions where there is no continuous availability of the internet. They can just download the episodes and have fun with an offline watching experience. 

  • Categories 

Users will be able to watch movies of their own choice by clicking on their favorite genre from the homepage. You will see all the categories on the homepage. Go through all the categories and click on your preferred one. After that, you can explore movies belonging to the genre you have selected. 

  • Updates 

You will be able to get the latest movies and episodes. The app keeps adding new movies from time to time. Moreover, it will also update you about new releases and the release dates. You will be able to read news about movies that you are waiting for. 

  • Safe and secure 

The platform is safe and a secure one through which you can stream thousands of movies for free. 

  • Free to use

This is a free app where everything you watch is free of cost. You only have to go through a small registration process once after which you can watch any movie and download it whenever you want. 


If you are a fan of Japanese animated characters named anime, then you must have this app on your android device because it has all that you need for free. You will be able to look for your favorite movie through the search bar on the homepage. Click on the search bar and enter your keywords and wait for a few seconds and your search results will appear. You can download this app from the Google Play store as well but if you get it from there then you will not be able to use some of the main features which you are allowed to use here. 

Moreover, you will also be bothered with in-app purchases which is another annoying thing after third-party apps on the application. To address all these issues, we now have Nekopoi APK which unlocks all the premium features and you do not have to pay anything for that. It also offers all the videos with subtitles so if you do not understand the language, then turns the subtitles on and start watching it with them. Moreover, the new updates have been worked upon and bugs and other issues have been fixed. 

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