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Old Roll Mod APK v4.1.2 (Latest Version) – Download for Android


2 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Old Roll Mod APK
Latest Version v4.1.2
Last Updated 2 March 2023
Publisher Accordion
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Memories are always special for everyone. Although memories are both good and evil, good memories always bring a smile. After the 80s, technology started to develop rapidly, and various cameras entered the market. The camera was created to be considered an essential part of weddings, gatherings, parties, and many more happy events. People started to capture every special moment in the camera’s eye so the new generation would see their lifestyle. Young people always feel curious to capture their photos and films with the earliest cameras to get to know the features and qualities of that camera. So if you want to experience that camera’s features and rates, then we are here with a fantastic app that will give you that experience named Old Roll Mod APK.

Old Roll Mod APK is a fantastic app that the new generation can use to experience old cameras. This app costs you zero for downloading, installing, and using the app. Moreover, it consists of various filters that you can use to improve the quality of your pictures. Its user-friendly interface helps you to get used to it quickly. This app needs no subscription, and all its features are free to use. So, get the experience with old-age camera features with this fantastic free app.

About the Old Roll Mod APK

Old Roll Mod APK is a specially designed android app that allows you to feel the 80s-time experience when the camera appeared on the market for the first time. This app provides you with a traditional camera with all its beautiful features. The captured photos do not need editing because of the explicit pictures taken from this app camera.

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Furthermore, this app allows you to use a variety of cameras according to the camera that suits you. These cameras include Classic M Camera, Vintage V Camera, 503 CW, INS P Polaroid Filter, ROL 3.5 Lens Camera, TOY F, and CHEESE Camera. All these cameras carry a variety of features that you can use according to different ceremonies and situations. This app allows you to take high-quality pictures even in poorly lit areas because of its flash feature. The vintage and classic filters available in the app can bring the 80s memories back into the modern era. This app will give a perfect photo with a single click that you can share with friends and family and save on your android phone.

Moreover, this free app allows you a variety of filters and cameras to use according to the situation and your need. The straightforward interface makes it easier to get a perfect setting for perfect pictures. This app does require any google id or phone number for registration and login.

More About The App

Old Roll Mod APK is a polaroid app, like a picture app, that is obliging in capturing pictures and making videos. Unless the standard mobile phone cameras are still used to capture and edit photographs, and video, the usage of Old Roll Mod APK adds a distinct captivating look to your pictures. It is a social application especially essential in forming images for your gallery. You can take pictures, i.e., aesthetic shots, editorial, and fashion photography. Using different features, you can edit your photos according to your style and taste. You can quickly get all the editing features in this application. You can produce talented pictures having different contrasting characteristics. Significantly you can add existing features and remove them from your files.

There is an element of remodeling the pictures. Millions of users are using this application, making it a popular application. You can blindly trust its performance, this is an antivirus application, and the developers add some remarkable features that enhance its performance; this is a safe and sound application to download and install and is necessary to record your daily life activities. You will see 100% entertainment while using this application, and you can rely on this application with 100% protection for the security of your pictures. All android and iOS users are free to use it. Now, forget about the standard mobile phone cameras, and move forward to gain experience by using the various features of Old Roll Mod APK.

How to download the Old Roll Mod APK?

Take a few steps below to download and install the app on your android device.

  • Firstly, click on the download button provided here on our website.
  • Secondly, go to the setting of your pc or smartphone and then click on the security option. Here you will find the “Unknown sources” click on it and enable it.
  • Thirdly, go to the download browser, find the APK file, and click on it for further installation.
  • Finally, now you can use the app with all its features.

You are at the right app if you want to capture and edit something unique. If you are a photographer, you need to install it. You can see highly advanced features of editing color, form, texture, size, and many other elements of your picture. Indeed, you will make a collage and recreate your old memories. You can use it to gather and recall your old collections. It helps create collages for every event. It is the best application to add the unique feature of filter addition to photographs.

Here, you can choose different camera options, including Polaroid, Kira camera, Leica M6, and many others. The advancement of additional and cool filters gives this application a divergent and distinct look. Because of its multitasking features, almost all people use Old Roll Mod APK, irrespective of phone cameras. If you search for antique and quaint applications, you will see all the features of an old-fangled application in this source. This application’s classy and vintage characteristic is the most lovely review for Old Roll Mod APK. The most push-on feature you will see is the glowing effect of its cameras, which will boost your will toward this application. 

Features of the Old Roll Mod APK

Classic camera: The traditional camera of the app gives a more authentic and natural look, so you can use it frequently and get a perfect picture.

Filters: You will find several filters you can use according to your needs and time.

Several effects: The Kira camera and the twinkling stars are the app’s glowing effects that make your pictures awesome.

No subscription: It does not need a subscription to unlock its features. It is entirely free of cost.

Free to download: It does need money to download and install the app.

More Features

Some of the quite assisting features of Old Roll Mod APK are as follows:

Old Memories:

The widespread effect of Old Roll Mod APK is the feature that you can create a collage of old memories and edit it with different contrasting filters. These opposite filters will add a glowing creation to your nostalgia and bring an image of your past. Recollection of old memories is the primary feature of Old Roll Mod APK, which will help you recall your Classic days of the past; this is the trending effect of this application. 

Aesthetic Value:

With Old Roll Mod APK, you will create aesthetic and alluring photographs. This feature will give a charming and engaging look to your pictures. You can use a polaroid and portrait filter for an aesthetic look. This application provides you with more cameras of different pixels and specifications. 

The coloring effect and use of distinct filters add a glamorous upshot to your snapshots. The effect of these coloring filters is the best tool for every picture. You can use this application for different kinds of photographs, whether food pictures or an event, fashion, wedding, or traditional photography. You can use selective absorption of some filters concerning others.

Social Templates:

Old Roll Mod APK is a communal app, quite popular among all users. You will love to use it for social media needs. Moreover, you can share your pictures on any social media account, whether WhatsApp or Instagram. You can gain fame by producing different collages and sharing them wherever you want. In this world of media, you can create dashing photographs while using their unique patterns.


You can add different dimensions of shape, size, and color to your photoshop and can edit the height, length, and width of any picture, as well as the shape and form of prints—an excellent tool for editing various photos. You can rotate a photo in every dimension to create a mirror image. The main thing is you can couple your memories with the exact measurements.

Trendy Impact:

Old Roll Mod APK is the trendiest application among all the camera applications. The achievement of a classic look with this application is the main feature of this app. There is only a need to understand its unique features. All the photographers are well known with this application.

Finest Resolution:

The Old Roll Mod APK cameras give results with the finest and unmatched resolution. You will be surprised to see the best quality result. It will add a glow to your photographs. The finest answer to its cameras is the best way of indicating how many clear pictures you have taken with its cameras. Each camera provides you with high-quality results.

Collage tool:

You can create a collage of your favorite and exciting pictures in one frame. You can add charming additions to your structure by using different options on the application. It is the best tool to couple all your favorite and delightful pictures. This coupling effect helps you memorize all your photos regarding any event and function. You can cut and edit the number of photographs giving them a cunning and composite look. Joining pictures with the choice of given options produces a polyptych, having new patterns.

Classic Photographs:

The most classic feature is to give a vintage and genre look to your pictures. You can use all the classy filters before using this application. These filters will provide an elegant look, and then you can transform these classical pictures into different looks. While using this application, you will love to feel that you are using old times cameras that provide an old-age look to your photographs, which you want. 

Natural Impression:

You can create a natural impression in your photographs using light and dark and special effect filters. The addition of a new night photography filter has also had a remarkable effect and is now available to capture photos with low light. The twinkling filter provides a sparkling effect of stars in the night.


Download the Old Roll Mod APK to get an old-time camera experience. Old Roll Mod APK is a friendly and social application. The one who likes to do photography will love it on top. It is an essential tool, especially for photographers. Recollections of memories are an indispensable piece for reminding past days. The use of different filters will enhance the grade of your pictures. If you are in love with your past and want to recreate a distinct look for your photographs by gathering and combining images, then you are at the right website.

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