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Quick VPN APK v1.17 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Lipisoft Inc.

27 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Quick VPN APK
Latest Version v1.17
Last Updated 27 March 2023
Publisher Lipisoft Inc.
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The internet has been a great source of the cyber highway for transferring messages and browsing data. We love to share our pretty moments, ideas, images, etc on social sites. Also, there are specific sites that are restricted for free access and there can be various reasons for that. But, with Quick VPN APK, no website will be closed or confined. The user can easily reach out to different websites sitting in one part of the world.

About Quick VPN APK

The Quick VPN APK will unlock all the websites, pages, platforms, applications, and social sites that are blocked in your region. This virtual private network guarantees the user’s security and allows them to browse safely on the internet. Also, it does not share the IP address or personal configuration number with anythirdrd party. With that, its smooth user interface guides the users to connect with the world’s fastest server world.

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Also, the users do not have to compromise their browsing history and they must use this application before searching for anything on the internet. This application opens up the safest yet fastest platform through which you can browse images, text, data, videos, sites, apps, and much more. Further, there is no restriction to area or region; the application can be downloaded by everyone belonging to a different part.

More about the app

Moreover, those sites that have been banned in your region, country, or locality due to economic, moral, or political causes can be unlocked using this application. Some countries prohibit their application’s original versions from being accessed by their enemy countries. So, this application has a special and unique feature that opens up all versions without any issues. Also, the application itself can be accessed on both high and low devices.

Furthermore, the application works perfectly on all mobile networks but the most preferred network is to have a wi-fi connection. It is also fine to have mobile networks like 3G, 4G, or 5G. The link will be set up according to the speed of the network. But, once connected the application enhances the speed and you will be connected to the fastest servers in the world. Further, it allows connection with more than 12 countries and their localities.

Features of Quick VPN APK

ONE Touch Connection

The users can get a connection with the best server with one click. A connection button is shown at the center; you just have to click on this button. The connection will be set up quickly.

Different network support

The application can run smoothly on different networks. Whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile networks, the application offers all the options with great convenience.

Various Servers

The users can be connected to various servers and all the regions under these servers. The user can connect with the capital city or the country itself. The servers include Japan, India, Singapore, Canada, Australia, etc.

Custom Connection option

This feature of the application will connect you to the fastest server on the Internet automatically. But, if you want to connect to another server, you can omit this feature.

Select VIP Server

There are many servers that are coming under the VIP section and require premium membership to get a connection. So, if you want VIP treatment, you can also unlock these servers.

Smooth User interface

All the features, servers, options, controls, icons, etc of the application are arranged on the user interface in an intriguing manner. The user will not face any issues while navigating through the application.


Lastly, the Quick VPN APK opens all the servers ranging from VIP to free. With the ultimate service and high connection speed, the application will provide a safe and secure platform to browse the internet. The user’s privacy is kept as first priority and the IP address is masked from scammers or hackers. So, download Quick VPN APK now!

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