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Rapunzel APK v1.4.2 (Latest Version) Free Download

Lady Wizard

12 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Rapunzel APK
Latest Version v1.4.2
Last Updated 12 May 2023
Publisher Lady Wizard
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (1)

Rapunzel APK is splendid bedtime story narration app that consists of thousands of entertaining stories that we all have heard of from our grandparents when we were kids and this legacy is being continued thanks to this app which is making it possible for everyone. This app has stories that will help your kids grow mentally and intellectually. These stories help kids in understanding life in a better way and also, this is a quick way to teach them different things. Like moral values, if you want your child to have good values and morals then telling them superb stories about these morals is the most important way.

Moreover, the narration feature that is a flagship feature in this app will narrate all the stories to your child so that you could take a break from your busy schedule and give some time to yourself as well. This app will take your duty of bedtime story narration giving you a little more peaceful time to spend with your kids.

About Rapunzel APK

Rapunzel APK is about a famous character from a German tale who was famous for her long hair. Almost all of us know about that character and how it impacted the global community with after the release of the movie. It compelled millions of women around the world to keep their hair long, they believed that having long hair was a sign of attractiveness and it enhanced their beauty as a result many females opted for long hair unlike before the launch of this character when no one preferred having hair of this length.

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Everyone of us has a fond memories of Rapunzel the character and has been in love with her once in our lives. Keeping that era and situation alive, this app lets you and your kids relive those happy moments and rejoice the time together by reviving your unforgettable memories. These memories not only provide us with a chance to remember the good times that we had when we were younger but also remind us of how much transition we have came across as we aged.

More About the App

With Rupunzel APK’s offline reading feature, you do not have to stress yourself up for not being in an area where internet is working smoothly. At times, we face unprecedented situations like and internet or electricity breakout that causes us to halt all other activities and wait so that the breakout is repaired and we could get entertained again. But you can entertain yourself and your child without having the two things we mentioned above, this app gives you the option to use it in an offline mood that does not require you to have an uninterrupted electricity and internet provision.

We believe that this is a marvelous gift you can give to your kids if you are thinking to buy one. It will give them access to endless entertaining and engaging stories that are there to teach your child some great concepts about how to put your life in the right direction.

Features of Rapunzel APK:

  1. Stories

You must have understood by now the primary feature of the app that we are bringing you through this article. The basic function of the app will be to assist parents deal with their children during the bedtime. You can choose which category suits you the most among all of these.

2. Story telling

You do not need to tell or narrate every line to your kid when you are spending time with him/her late night. You must have heard of many apps that offer features like these but one thing that is unique in this one app is the speech features which allows the eminent users of the app to have some fun time while listening to a story that they love hearning.

3. Award winning platform

You must be sure of having this app after hearing this that fortunately this app has secured some of the most prestigious awards in town that are know to be the difference makers in the career of a particular app if it is able to win them some day. This app has been successful in winning the The Family Choice Award twice in 2012 and 2014.

More Features

4. Parenting Magazine

This could be called a perfect parenting magazine because this not only relieves the parents from a huge burden of bedtime story narration but also teaches them about some of the major facts about parenting and dealing with their children. There are stories for parents as well which they can go and read for free.

5. Expert thoughts

Some of the significant media houses and names have said very good things about this app like USA Today said that this is Netflix for children books which is a huge honor for such an app to be address with such nice words. Apart from USA Today, Common Sense Media called it a solid literary tool which it is because it has brought all the folk and old stories together so that users can enjoy them.


Rapunzel APK is a classic compilation of all old and premium stories that we all have heard of once in our lifetime either from our grandparents or our parents. You must be desperately wanting to have a look at them and remember the old good days you had with your loved ones who used to ditch everything when it was time to tell you those majestic and incredible stories.

The app is not that much sophisticated. The users do not necessarily have to have good grip over digital apps to be able use this one as it is just a simple face with only a few options on the interface that just need to be consider to reach the destination that you are looking for. After you have reached the story that suits you or which matches your current mood then after that you will not be ask to do anything, only keep the mobile screen on and enjoy your reading.

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