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Refresh Rate APK v3.3.0 (latest Version) – Free Download

Labros Labropoulos

10 February 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Refresh Rate APK
Latest Version v3.3.0
Last Updated 10 February 2023
Publisher Labros Labropoulos
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.5/5 Rating (2)

Refresh Rate APK is a term that means the times each second a picture. Such as on a presentation device is revived or refreshed. For the display of the device, the revive rate is estimated in Hertz (Hz). A presentation with a 60Hz revive rate implies that the picture is refreshed 60 times each second. While a showcase with a 120Hz refresh rate implies the picture is refreshed 120 times each second.

About Refresh Rate APK

Refresh Rate APK, along the way, represents Android Package Kit. And it is a document design used to disperse and introduce applications on the Android working framework. The APK document contains the fundamental code, assets, resources, and metadata for the application to run on an Android gadget.

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The mentioned application is an Android application that permits you to control the refresh rate of your device display. With the assistance of this APK, you can set your showcase’s or display’s refresh rate to larger or lesser levels. Contingent upon your will and the capacities of your device.

One of the fundamental advantages of utilizing the application. Is that it can assist you with working on the general use and performance of your device. For instance, while playing a game or watching a film on your Android. A higher revive rate can bring about a smoother and more liquid visual experience. Then again, at a lower rate can assist you with moderating battery duration and elongating the battery hours. Particularly in the event that your device isn’t running on top-of-the-line equipment.

Furthermore, the application can likewise assist you with unlocking a portion of the restrictions and limitations of your presentation or display device. A few devices might have a display restricted to a greatest revive pace of 60Hz. Yet, this application can assist you with setting the rate of your device display to a higher worth, for however long your device equipment upholds it.

Features of Refresh Rate APK

Here is a portion of the features that you could hope to find in a Refresh Rate APK:

Customize refreshing rates: this application ought to help you to set the refreshing pace of your android to a worth that is higher or lower than the default setting. This all depends upon what you want and the capacities of your device.

Programmed refresh rate automatic detection: The application can naturally recognize the most extreme refresh rate upheld by your device and permit you to set the refresh rate likewise.

Battery-saving mode: This amazing application could likewise contain a battery-saving mode. This lessens the pace of your device when it isn’t being used, assisting with preserving battery duration.

Easy-to-use interface: The application ought to have an easy-to-understand interface that makes it simple for clients to set the revive rate. So this is without the requirement for a specialized skill.

Can go with different devices: the application is viable with an extensive variety of Android gadgets. These may include cell phones and tablets, and other devices. To guarantee that however many clients as could reasonably be expected can profit from its elements.

Real-time checking: the application could likewise incorporate a feature that permits you to screen the refreshing pace of your gadget progressively. So, you can see the impacts of any progressions you make.

Supports various screens: This application helps different screen goals, including full HD and 4K. This feature guarantees that clients can partake in a great visual encounter, no matter what their device’s presentation details.


All in all, Refresh Rate APK is a helpful device tool for Android clients who need to control and work on the visual experience of their presentation and display device. By setting the refreshing rate to a sequential worth, contingent upon their inclination and the capacities of their gadget, clients can partake in a smoother and more liquid visual experience or preserve battery duration, as wanted.

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