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Rumble Heroes APK v1.1.007 (Latest Version) – Free Download


13 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Rumble Heroes APK
Latest Version v1.1.007
Last Updated 13 March 2023
Publisher PlayHard.Lab
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Welcome to All the individuals who love to be a part of any village or area that has the rule of a king. Are you the one who loves to dream about a village that is governed by a kind and all the villagers perform their level best to please their kind. Well, Rumble Heroes APK is an amazing and thrilled gameplay where you will get a chance to live in a village and can be able to dream of a king.

It wills a total adventure to be a part of this environment with the help of this application. This app will enable you to be a character in the gameplay and to change anything within the kingdom. It long ago when our society has the rule of kings and noble individuals. They use to rule the entire region and everything used to be fix according to the will of the kings. That era is almost over, that is a good thing, but it was also a fun to present a society like that.

If you will be given a chance to go to such a kingdom society then what you may do? To hear the answer of this question I will request you to download the app now and experience that in this app and then provide your answer to us in the form of comments in the following section. It is an adventure gameplay that will not only help you explore something that is connect to your past but will also provide good ways to enjoy this with the core of your heart.

About Rumble Heroes APK

Rumble Heroes APK is applications that can be used to play gameplay that consist of characters and animations that will take you to the world of kings and queens. All the graphics, 3D animations and many more features of this application are going to bring huge changes into your life. Make your life fun and knowledge. To make all this happen, developer made Rumble Heroes app super engaging and easy to use.

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In addition, it has variety of options where you are free to select areas of your choice and then make it as engaging as you want. Place the slaves, things and court of the kind according to your interest. You can set a whole story in this gameplay about the kids in your village. Moreover, being character you can take a good role in it and can enhance the level of your joy and interest.

Furthermore, placing some casual materials inside the king’s court is another interesting and exciting activity that you can play to enjoy more in it. As a whole you can also copy scenes of any movies that has been your favourite in it to fulfil your desires within a click.

Features of Rumble Heroes APK:

  1. A thrilled gameplay:

All what you will perform in the game will be full of thrill. You will be able to fight battle with other communities that have been design in the fun gameplay. All the designs are in a unique way so do not miss out to enjoy all its components.

  • Best battle gameplay:

It also provides you the facilities and instruction to be a part of the battle that can occur among the kings.

  • Astonishing locations:

If you have an obsession with the locations that we see in movies of kings and queens then it is going to provide all that to you.

  • Best graphics, animations, colours:

All the animations are up to the mark and al deserve to be recommend to other users as well.


Last but not least, it can be anyone’s dreams to be in a situation that they only have heard and watched about in movies. Rumble Heroes is a best way to enjoy all the wonders of the life of kings. I am sure all of you are excited and will definitely refer it to your friends too.

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