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School Dot Fight APK v1.2 (Latest Version) Free Download


21 October 2023 (9 months ago)

App Name School Dot Fight APK
Latest Version v1.2
Last Updated 21 October 2023
Publisher Mosaic
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 23.2 MB
3.4/5 Rating (12)

School Dot Fight APK a action packing game that tacklings the pressin issue of school violence in an others unique and engage way. Developing by Mosaic these as NSFW game offerings players the opportunity to having it step into the shoes of a high school girl. With extra ordinary strength embarks on an mission to combat bullying and ensures the safety of as there innocent students. In School Dot Fight APK youll navigating through various schools confront and defeating those which engage in actings of violence and intimidation. With your fighting skills you must demonstrate your prow and overcome all enemy that stand in your path.

About the School Dot Fight APK:

By engaging with School Dot Fight APK players is encour to confron the issue of school violence and take an active role in addresses it. Through the virtual realm you can play a pivotal roles in solve problems within schools along the city ensuring the well being and security of students. The game is not available for download on an popular platforms like Google Play. However you can obtain the game by downloading the APK version directly from theirs publishers website.

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Please note that the game contains mature content and expliciting scenes which may not be to suitable for all their audiences. It is essential to exercise discretion and ensurings that you are comfort with the content before accessing School Dot Fight APK. Embarking on a journey of empower as havings you unleash your inner strength and champion the cause against school violence. Additional acquire and utilize various of weapons and items like swords spears grenades smoke bombs machine guns and rocket launchers to enhances you of chances of victory. With each victories you become an symbol of hopes inspire other of stand against bully and create safe education environments. Its mature contents and explicit scenes School Dot Fight APK is label as 18+.

Features of School Dot Fight APK:

The game familier gameplay mechanicism and thrill combat sequences provide an immersive experience which capture a essence on classic fighting games.

Empowering Schoolgirl Hero:

The role of an high school girl with extraordinary abilitie fulfill the dreams of which who aspires to became a hero and escape off cycle of school violence.

Intense Battles:

Engaging in uncompromising battles against various adversar including gangs responsible of school violence and street gangs. Utilizizing powerful punch and strategic combat tacticis to defeat each opponent and overcome challengings.

Easy Controls and Skills:

Enjoy user friendly controllings with virtual buttons on the screen allows intuitive execution of combat actions. Combine skills effectively to maximizzing damaging output.

Multiple Challenging Levels:

Explore five expansive levels each of consistings of with multiple stages with increases difficult opponents. Continue enhance your fighting skills to conquers the diverse challenges presents. Battle in various school environments including musics room gymnasiums classrooms and labs.

Classic Pixel Art Graphics:

Immerse you on the nostalgic charm of classic 2D pixels art of graphics. The meticulously crafts characters environments and combat effects pay homage to the fight games of 90s provides engaging visual experience.

Fast Pace Gameplay:

Experiencing fast paced combattings where the tempo escalate an enemies become much numerous and dangerous. React swift and make split second decisions even the slight delay can been lead to defeat.


School Dot Fight APK offer players an opportunity of address the issues of school violences with immersive gameplay. Assume the rollings of a powerful school girl you can be has fight against bully and protect innocent students. With have a intense battles easy controls challenge levellings and classical pixel art visuals.

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