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Sicae APK vEp.5 (Latest Version) – Free Download


31 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Sicae APK
Latest Version v1.4
Last Updated 31 March 2023
Publisher NiiChan
Requires Android 4.4 and up
3.6/5 Rating (7)

Sicae APK is anime adult game that has immersive story and captivating graphics. In this game the story has main character who is Kei. Kei has experienced childhood traumas and violence so he become quite and self sufficient but as the story proceed he moved to shared house, where he got surrounded by so many people, so gradually he starts to fell comfortable around them and open ups to them. This game had novel storytelling mechanics and the story proceeds based on decisions made by players.

About Sicae APK

Adult Anime games always attracts the players because of their bold graphics and storytelling. Once players start playing the game, they get drawn to the immersing world of anime games. One of such game that has made waves in the realm of mobile games is Sicae APK.

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This game is based on the heart warming and thrilling story of young boy Kei. His childhood was filled with traumas and covered with mysterious secrets. His family hide secretes from him due to which he experienced a lot of problems and great loss. Due to the traumas he endured, Kei became reserved and quite and struggled to express him emotions. His traumas made him socially awkward and shy. His experience made him to decide to move to a shared house so that he could avoid people around him who made his life problematic. When he moved to the shared house, he becomes comfortable and become more expressive and open ups to the people there.

As the story progress new twists are unfold, Kei who was trying to move on from traumas find out that his partner was not dead but is mysteriously abducted. Later, he figured out that her abduction was related to the deep secrets of his family. This intense and suspenseful plot hocked the players and keep them on the edge of their seats. With progression in story things become difficult for Kei and he faces many challenges. These difficult situations put him in dilemma and forced him to make difficult choices. Game’s storytelling and game play is so captivating that once you start playing it there’s no going back. Moreover this game is in the form of episodes and each episode brings twists to the story. So, download this anime thrilled game and step into engaging world of Sicae APK.

Features of Sicae APK

Intense Plot

Kei who is the main character of the game faces difficult situations and childhood traumas. As the game progress new secrets unfold in front of him and made him socially awkward.

Mature Graphics

Being an adult game, this game includes few mature themes and adult graphics so, this is mainly for 18+ players. Moreover, the colorful and detailed backgrounds add another layer of immersion to its gameplay.

New Episodes

This game is in the form of episodes. Each new episode has unique twist and animations. This keeps the keep intriguing as players stay curious to figure out the new challenges.


Sicae APK is a thrill-based storytelling anime game. this game has immersive storyline that progress based on decisions made by the main character. Kei, who is the main character, has a strange family who kept secrets form him. Moreover, he loses his partner and the real hand behind her abduction is his mysterious family. He becomes quiet and reserved to avoid interaction with people and decided to move out of his house. But on his journey he decides to live in a shared house where he become expressive. He faces challenges and makes difficult decisions. The intriguing plot twists and thrill keeps the players hooked. So, if you are also into mysterious anime games then give it a try and step into the world of Kei.

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