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Touch Himawari APK

Touch Himawari APK v0.5 (Latest Version) – Free Download


11 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Touch Himawari APK
Latest Version v0.5
Last Updated 11 March 2023
Publisher Cygames
Requires Android 4.4 and up
4.8/5 Rating (9)

Touch Himawari APK is an android simulation anime game that provides its users exhilarating experience and escapes from the real world. This game incorporates the essence of the real-world environment, including social interaction with other people, strategic planning of future life, and cognitive skills to level up in the game. Moreover, this game provides users the liberty to explore the surrounding and befriend people in their local town to expand their social circle. They will later get benefit from those friends and enjoy their services. All the engaging and innovative storyline, game mechanics, and character’s life story adds excitement to the game and make it an all in all package of entertainment. Moreover, this game is also compatible with all android devices and is an easy escape from real-world life.

About Touch Himawari APK

This time is all about anime. People all over the world are going crazy about it. If you are also a fan of anime and are in search of something that provides you both anime-like entertainment and liberty to control the characters, then look no further than Touch Himawari APK. This is the best and finest anime simulation game which provides an exhilarating and exciting experience to all players.

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Touch Himawari APK offers its players a combination of many elements simulating real life involving a unique storyline, relationships with characters, social interactions, character development, strategic gameplay, and much more. The main story revolves around the player who becomes friends with beautiful ladies in his hometown. Players interact with them and explore their lives. This gives him a chance to get to know them in depth. In this game, each character has a unique story to tell, and players will learn something new every time.

One of the unique and captivating features of this game is that it has many in-built minigames that make the game more challenging and thrilling. After playing these games, players will unlock new levels and will level up in the game. If we talk about the graphics of the game, then we will see graphics of the game are captivating, with 2-d animation that adds more life to the character. Games mechanics are quite impressive and interesting. Users can easily hold the controls of games and enjoy their gaming experience.

Feature of Touch Himawari APK

Anime inspired game

During this time, people have developed a craze for anime series, and because of this, anime games are also gaining popularity. Taking this under consideration new anime game was developed that has elements of the real world.

Easy controls

This game has intuitive and simple controls.

Engaging gameplay

Touch Himawari APK offers engaging and thrilling gameplay mechanics to attract players. This game basically revolves around the male character who wants to become friends will beautiful girls in the town and get to know about their lives.


This simulation game provides its users with an escape from reality and a difficult world.


Just like other anime games, this game also allows users to interact with different people and expand their social circle.

Minigames and Side Activities

This game also has many minigames that keep the players on their toes the whole time. But this also helps them to develop in the game.


If you are a fan of anime simulation games, this does try Touch Himawari APK . this game is the perfect escape from reality as it allows users to start enjoying the fictional life and, in the meantime, get the essence of real-life events. Players become friends with other people and get benefits from them. This game also has many in-built minigames that keep the players engaged and also improved progress in the game.

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