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Troublemaker APK v1.3 [Latest Version] For Android


13 April 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Troublemaker APK
Latest Version v1.3
Last Updated 13 April 2023
Requires Android 4.4 and up
5/5 Rating (3)

The insatiable appetite for excitement and the thirst for adventure in every one of us often lead to the path of being a troublemaker. Troublemaker APK are often connotated to be negative. However, this is not true in every case. It often makes a mark on the world and leaves a legacy that leads to revolution. Every school has a group of troublemakers who habitually do not like to follow rules for fun. But not everyone can be one. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the life of troublemakers, here is the right place for you! Troublemaker APK is a puzzle game develop to fulfill the quest of troublemakers in each of us.

About Troublemaker APK

The Troublemaker is an online adventure game where the gamer will take the role of a protagonist. It is a puzzle game with lots of challenges coming on the way for the player. The game starts with the player confine in rehab because of rule violations. However, the protagonist is not happy with the decision and wants to escape. To come out of rehab and find a way to escape, the gamer has to pass through many puzzles and challenges. Only solving the puzzles and overcoming the challenges will come out of rehab.

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This fascinating and unique world of adventure uses amazing 2D and 3D graphics and other mesmerizing visuals to make the experience of the gamer real. Furthermore, the intense and dramatic challenges that the gamer encounters attract the gamer’s attention and full concentration. along with solving the puzzle, in this game, there will also be many obstacles and enemies on the way for the protagonist to escape. To win, the gamer has to clear out the obstacles and combat the enemies successfully.

There are levels in this game ranging from simple to difficult. In each level, there are specific and unique missions for the player to accomplish. To headway to the goal, the player must solve the puzzles. The Puzzles in each game are different and are of various types. The concept of the puzzles includes physics, logic, and cryptography. In addition, there are hidden prizes and objects along the way of the puzzle. And collecting those will help the player achieve a better win. There are also scores and achievement systems in this game for the players to play for.

Features of Troublemaker APK

1. Multiple types of puzzles

One of the key features of this game is that it does not bore its player with the same kind of puzzles. There are different types of puzzles related to various themes like logic, physics, and cryptography.

2. Different ways to solve puzzles

To make the game interesting and engaging there is a feature of diverse puzzle-solving ways. The player has the choice to either solve the puzzle using cunning skills, deception, escaping, or defeating the enemies.

3. Customize game modes

In this game, the gamer can select the level for the game. besides, the player can also customize the time for the game. This feature helps the player modify the game based on their interest.

4. Distinctive graphics

The graphics in this game are amazing and engaging. This game has been developed by combing 2D and 3D graphics. Thus, making the game environment colorful, unique, and realistic.

5. Collections

To make the game more engaging there are hidden objects that the player needs to search and find to complete the collection.


In conclusion, the Troublemaker is an adventurous puzzle game for people who are into puzzles, challenges, and adventure. It gives players a troublemaker experience of dramatic adventure and excitement. This single-player mode game gives the player the role of protagonist. With its amazing high-quality graphics, diverse puzzles, numerous challenges, and customize game mode it makes the game time a great experience for the player.

If you want to be a troublemaker in the virtual world, download Troublemaker now and enjoy!

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