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Yandex Japan APK v23.11.1.105 (Latest Version) – Free Download

Intertech Services AG

29 November 2023 (5 months ago)

App Name Yandex Japan APK
Latest Version v23.11.1.105
Last Updated 29 November 2023
Publisher Intertech Services AG
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 234 MB
4/5 Rating (6)

Yandex Japan APK is an emerging internet browser for Android. It works like an ordinary search engine and helps users to search for anything they like on the internet with the fastest delivery possible. Like any other ordinary browser, it also allows users to browse faster, manage bookmarks, store passwords, navigate using maps and experience smooth scrolling. Moreover, has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient for users to search and find anything they want. Additionally, its laws and regulation policy is fair for all users and organizations, giving users a platform to express their thoughts and protect their freedom of expression. Unlike other browsing applications, it is unbiased and does not provide any priority to any private entities or governmental organizations if their content violates the rules and regulations.

About Yandex Japan APK

With the advancement in technology, as convenience is increased for people, threats are also increasing day by day, so users’ data is vulnerable to threats. In such cases, users need a reliable and compatible browsing application that protects their data and provides them unmatched and smooth browsing experience. To accomplish that goal, Yandex Japan Apk is developed. It is an Android browser with all of the characteristics of a modern browser, including fast play, multiple tabs, and password storage, among other things. But on top of all these things, it assures its users to protect their private information and minimize the threat of data stealing. Just like other browsing applications, users can sync bookmarks and settings across multiple devices, which makes it convenient for them and reduce the effort to adjust the settings again and again.

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Moreover, it protects freedom of speech and does not remove any content, Baisley. If certain content fall under its terms and conditions but some private organizations force it to remove it, then it does not obey them. This makes it a reliable and unbiased source to express emotions and opinions without threat. Moreover, it has user-friendly interference that is easy to navigate by every user. Users can adjust and change the settings, including the background theme and other customizable options. Unlike other browsing applications, it loads pages faster, even on unstable internet connections. Users can easily switch between multiple tabs and search data without any threat,

Features of Yandex Japan APK

The high degree of Stability:

Yandex Japan APK can restore the previously closed tabs in case of a crash or unstable internet. So, if you ever accidentally close the browser, you can restore it easily.

Works effectively even on unstable internet

If you live in remote or northern areas and the internet does not work properly, then you can use this browser because it works effectively even on slow internet. 


This browser allows users to customize text size and zoom images or text for better visibility. Moreover, it supports high-contrast themes for users with visual impairments. And allow them to adjust between dark or light themes.

Sync bookmarks

Through Yandex Japan APK, users can sync bookmarks and settings across multiple devices. This makes it convenient for them and reduces the effort to adjust the settings repeatedly. Now you can sync your bookmarks and history easily.


Yandex Japan APK is very fast and provides results in a fraction of a second. Because of its responsive and quick scrolling, it has gained worldwide popularity.


Yandex Japan APK is an android browsing application with compatibility and accessibility. It has gained worldwide popularity. Its laws and regulations are fair for both users and organizations. Moreover, its user interface makes it easy to use by all users. Because of its security assurance and many other features, it has become a reliable browsing source for many users all around the globe.

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