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Zoro.to APK v9.8 (Latest Version) – Free Download


24 December 2022 (2 years ago)

App Name Zoro.to APK
Latest Version v9.8
Last Updated 24 December 2022
Publisher Zoro.to
Requires Android 4.4 and up
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Zoro.to APK is an anime streaming application with a massive library of old, new, historical, and nearly all-time favorite anime. As we all know, anime mania has grown over the years, and everyone has been addicted to it. However, people frequently struggle to locate a safe and trustworthy site to get high-quality anime. The creators of the Zoro.to apk have put a lot of effort into giving users the finest choice for watching their preferred detective, drama, romance, comedy, or other types of anime series. Users can choose from the application’s recommendations or utilize the search bar to get the series they’re looking for. For non-Japanese viewers, all the content is uploaded either with subtitles or dubbing. Fill your appetite for anime and fasten your seatbelts to enjoy this incredible experience.

About the app

Japanese anime culture continues to have a big influence on a lot of individuals all around the world. You can find anime fans wherever in the world, whether you travel to the north or the south. Anime has significantly improved in recent years in terms of quality of production, accessibility, and popularity. The international nature of anime and its specific popularity in Western nations can be attributed to the variety of its medium. With distinctive personalities and compelling storylines, it challenges the limits of the current quo. As anime frequently features magic, Japanese folktales, and superheroes, it also goes beyond reality.

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It also goes beyond typical Western films and television programs, providing fans with a library of original stories, concepts, and characters. Anime enthusiasts all around the world enjoy watching their favorite anime series in their leisure time, but they frequently struggle to locate the finest reliable source for it. The creators of Zoro.to apk examined numerous anime streaming websites and worked tirelessly to provide the finest site to watch anime series. Zoro.to apk has a vast selection of anime and covers practically every genre. It covers humorous, fiction, detective, instructional, romantic, thriller, and many other genres to meet the demands of all of its followers. Zoro.to apk provides excellent client service. If any of its users have a request for a new anime, they can simply enter it into the program. Furthermore, anime with subtitles and dubbing have been posted for its foreign followers.

Features of Zoro.to apk

Subtitled content

You may view your favorite anime series with subtitles while using this software. This feature is designed for non-native fans who wish to hear the characters’ true voices while still understanding what they’re saying.

Dubbed content

Zoro.to has dubbed anime series for non-native fans, allowing anybody in the world to enjoy anime films by overcoming the language barrier.

An extensive anime collection

Zoro.to provide its users with a wide choice of anime shows across all genres. It comprises a variety of genres, such as action, drama, kids, fiction, horror, mystery, detective, romantic, school, comedy, music, games, and many more, both well-known and newly released. These films have various language dubs or are entirely in English subtitles.

Regular update

Developers do their utmost to publish new anime series as soon as they receive any requests. So get hooked because there is always something fresh to watch on Zoro, as new titles and requests are added every day.

Care for clients

Users are well-cared for by developers, who make an effort to meet all of their requirements in this area. They answer instantly, around the clock, to any questions or comments that their users may have. For any assistance, questions, or business-related issues, you may always get in touch with us.

Streaming encounter

Zoro.to, in contrast to other media streaming websites, offers HD video without lagging. Now you may use your iPhone to enjoy limitless material without being frustrated by sluggish speed and loading problems.


Enjoy your favorite anime series with high speed and any loading issues, and utilize your spare time in the best possible way because Zoro.to is out there to cater to all your entertainment needs. It provides all its content in HD quality with subtitles and dubbing. 

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