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Brotato Premium APK

Brotato Premium APK v1.2.43 (Latest Version) – Download

Erabit Studios

28 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Brotato Premium APK
Latest Version v1.2.43
Last Updated 28 March 2023
Publisher Erabit Studios
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Brotato Premium APK is an accomplishment game and the best choice for those users who are in love with action and thrill games. The attractive view of this application is its fast play mode that attracts those players who are in strange excitement about such applications. The game is in the human image and the task is to survive alone, among the enemies. Competitors came from all the sides like a wave and add a thrill to actively playing. The better you play, the better the chance for your survival.

About the Brotato Premium APK:

Brotato Premium APK gives a diverse variety of competitors, and all the agents will make a reasonable deal with you. The more you play, the more you will be able to reach the highest level. Brotato is mainly a potato capable to win by using large equipment at a single time. It has the best shooting skills and techniques to destroy the aliens at one time. You can use your bonus and rewards to enhance your shooting skills.

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The game is all about the combat experience and compete all your enemies on the battleground. The mission is to put down all the combat will the help weapons. All android and ios players consider this a sound game to seek action in their lives. Choose your desired equipment and make use of all the strategies to make a mark among the combat players. You will be easily accessible to your enemies in a wide battleground.

Features of Brotato Premium APK:

Brotato Premium APK has enemies’ players and you need whole strategies to prevent your enemies attack you. So, there are listed some features, that make your battle more challenging.

Characters Attributes:

The player’s attributes determine the stability of the characters in the battleground. The use of special shoes and well use of weapons helps in better stability. Attack speed ranges damage. Hp regeneration is essential. You can select characters of your choice like, lucky image handed, etc.

Challenges and Obstacles:

Players need to fight in addition to different challenges and over through different obstacles. All you need is to collect gold coins with energy and pop them up into the enemy ground to have a victory. Shields can be used to protect yourself from obstacles and boost your level.

Auto Firing Weapons:

You need to use the auto-firing weapons that can kill your 6 potato enemies at a single time. You can also collect your weapons like, SMGs, launchers, knives, sticks, rocks, armor, and other advantageous tools. Heavy weapons also include rockets and close-range weapons.

2D design:

The design and background of Brotato Premium APK are 2D which makes the combat effect more commendable and heats your battle with exciting designs. The sound effect makes you feel as if you are in a real-life battleground.

New level Battle:

By winning one level. You will be ready for the next harder level. You can customize your character’s specialization and buy more weapons and pieces of equipment with the earned money. These points of gaining more victory make your game interesting and full of thrill.

Wave lasting Experience:

You can kill all your enemies within the seconds and can make a lasting experience. This characteristic is gained by collecting coins and adhering to the accessibility options. 20-60 seconds will be more to attack a wave of enemies.


The one who is a master in shooting games will not stop himself from playing this one. Choose all the features to create a new build point in this game and reduce the game between you and victory. The upgraded features make an interesting impression to create a genuine battle full of thrills and excitement in the game mode.

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