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Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat APK

Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat APK v9.9 (Latest Version) – Free Download

DFX Game Studio

13 March 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat APK
Latest Version v9.9
Last Updated 13 March 2023
Publisher DFX Game Studio
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Category Social
0/5 Rating (0)

Today we have thousands of social platforms in which we can post, share and watch the opinions of other people and can also communicate them in many ways. These types of applications put everyone in global village. You can communicate to the person living on other side of globe with ease. But have you ever imagined the social application that doesn’t need keyboard to communicate. Yes, no need of keyboard, just open the application and join the conversation. If you want this type of application, then don’t wait and Download the one of the new social platform called Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat APK for Android APK and enjoy all of its features.

About Clubhouse For Android APK

Clubhouse is basically an application that is just like podcast but instead of video, you only have to listen and respond to the audios. It is a cool idea for people who really are into the debates. Application is only available for iPhone right now but its beta version has released in Android, means soon it will have full release in android OS.

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Just like any other social application, it also has main platform where all the discussions occur, and that is called “Room”. Clubhouse has rooms in it with different topics. If you want to have discussion on certain topic, just find and choose the topic. It will take you straight to the room of that particular discussion.

It has different categories of rooms in it. you can create your own room in which you can interact with your friends, you can also have another style of room that is like talk show interview or music sharing rooms. There is no restriction of topics in Clubhouse. The big news is you can also make money on clubhouse in future. As they working to monetize the application and finding methods of payments. Check out This Beta App in Play Store.

Features Clubhouse Drop-In Audio Chat APK

  • Unique Idea:

Clubhouse is one of the most unique application in the market right now. As it is really difficult to find an application that gives the services of Clubhouse.

  • Different Rooms for Different Topics:

As we mentioned earlier that if you want to listen or participate in the discussion of your interest. Then just search it and it will display that in front of you.

  • Updates:

Updates are always on the way to improve the application. It is being said that Clubhouse are slowly considering to monetize the application which means that you will soon earn money on Clubhouse too.

  • Styles of Rooms:

You can have different style of rooms in clubhouse, not just one theme. By styles it means you can have friendly one to one conversation with your friend, an interview talks show style or music sharing style.

  • Compatibility:

Application is only available on iPhone right now but the beta version has released on androids too.


Clubhouse is unique application with an idea of connecting the people’s thoughts through the voice. You can communicate to the people on certain topics in rooms. They have different type of rooms in it. the application can be a source of making money too in the future and right now, it is only available on iPhone, so don’t wait and download!

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