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Garena Free Fire Force APK

Garena Free Fire Force APK v1.98.1 (Latest Version) – Download

Garena International I

5 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Garena Free Fire Force APK
Latest Version v1.98.1
Last Updated 5 May 2023
Publisher Garena International I
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Garena Free Fire Force APK is the best shooting and fighting game placing on the island. Where you have to fight an interesting match with other players for your maximum survival on the island. Choosing your favorite point on the map, and landing on the chosen place will make you explore more land and items by living on the islands among unlimited enemies and other defeaters. You have to Pron under grass and rifts and make other possibilities for the exact exit spaces. This app makes you achieve your goals and missions like other games like call of duty.

About the Garena Free Fire Force APK:

Garena Free Fire Force APK is a remote game placed on an island and you must take a limited time to place it on a grassy island. To answer your safe zone and to enter a new world of thrilling mode. It lets you look invisible over the vast area and search other goals for more survival techniques. An online, best adventurous game that makes you battle with other parties and enter the third-party perspective. A battling match where you have to join your group and to land with the help of a parachute. You can land at the desired location and join the group you want.

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This app has royal match fighting techniques and leads you into a royal world full of exciting ideas and learning capabilities. A hide and seek game make you compare the best of your capabilities with other players. This will help you to learn the best of the capabilities and reassure your journey at any cost. You can download the latest version onto all your Android and IOs devices with the best reassuring features. The best exploring game, Garena Free Fire Force APK is here for all the battling users who want some more starting point efforts in their busy life. A battling style game is here for all the smart players of the modern world.


Garena Free Fire Force APK is a top-rated shooting and survival game where you must accomplish many exciting and thrilling modes that excite your gaming mode with thrilling features. The original form game is now updated with the latent features as follows:

Shooting weapons:

This app provides the facilities of multiple weapons to its players for the best use of tools. You can use them and find them on different locations on the islands. You can also learn how to use such heavy weapons in the battling game. And you can shop for them and add more specialization to it.


Garena Free Fire Force APK gives you an opportunity to design your partner with maximum capabilities of fighting with the stronger enemies and let them leave you on the island.

Fighting enemies:

This application makes you confident about enemies’ fighting. You will come to know about the ideas about learning the new formalities and discipline at any time.

Location for fight:

It gives you the opportunity to select the starting point of your journey to have a complete match. The best place to land is a location where there are more items and tools.

Define and search items:

It allows you to explore and define other unmapped locations on the island.


Garena Free Fire Force APK is the best fighting game that plays a fighting match on land space. You can play this fantasy game out of no way. And add a glamming point to your boring life.

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