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Ryumoto Patcher APK v1.35 (Latest Version) – Free Download


11 July 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Ryumoto Patcher APK
Latest Version v1.35
Last Updated 11 July 2023
Publisher Ryu
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

The ML lovers just always want to inject the best of the premium skins of MLBB games in an easy way into the game. This provides you with the best and varies range of battle effects, skins and mods that you can use to have a custom gameplay of ML. The application we are discussing is so much effective and powerful in unlocking the features of the Mobile Legend games that require premium charges for getting start and using it. This amazing application that provides you with these amazing features is for free and these are just the glimmers of the features that it contains so the rest we will mention and go through in next portions of the article.

The application we just described is the one and only Ryumoto Patcher APK that is an injecting tool that you can use to inject the features of the premium ML games. All and any kind of customization that you want in your ML you can have them via this amazing application. So those unprivileged who, for any reason cannot afford to play the ML premium must have this amazing application. Even those who afford the application by giving quite an amount and consider themselves privileged can also avail it for free and use the money for another noble purpose.

About the Ryumoto Patcher APK

As mentioned the Ryumoto Patcher APK is a popular injecting tool that you can use to use the ML game and inject your customization as per your choice for free. The application is a blessing for those people or rather enthusiast players who, due to any reason, cannot afford the ML premium for them but want to play the game with their heart. The Ryumoto Patcher APK is a best tool that you have found with which you can compete with the pro players of the ML game.

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Many players cannot afford to have the premium bundle of the ML game which devastates them in games due to unavailability of the tools required on time so with this application you can have unlimited tools opened and unlocked just for you and above all they are free, so just inject the Ryumoto Patcher APK and have all the required equipment that you can use to play like a pro against a pro player of ML game. 

More about Ryumoto Patcher APK

You can have good locations, amazing maps, can get the availability of premium tools, can customize your hero or player and so on to this application to feel you in control of all the premium game. The developer and unleasher of the application was RPatcher. Along that this application has the compatibility with any kind of device you are using and is user friendly and easy to use for even newbie. The latest version of the application is there to serve you injecting software for the MLBB games. The application enhances the game play of a common person on the base of their skills not their investment on different tools.

Features of the Ryumoto Patcher APK

The injection tool has these amazing features that a player will love to have;

  • ML skins; the application provides you with the option to have hundreds of ML skins to make your hero attractive and eye catching.
  • Various effects; the application provides you with amazing effects like recall, notifications, emotes and so on.
  • Maps that can be customized; firstly you can have access to unconventional maps that are not available for a normal user and only the premium users can have that, secondly you have the option to modify and customize the maps as per your wish.
  • Simple design; the application is so much simply designed to make it easy to use and look attractive.


This Ryumoto Patcher APK is equalizing the distribution of ML game to everyone and makes it clear that every player that has energy and is enthusiastic has the right to play ML premium and have the access to the premium tools of the game. This application has made the skilled people come in the ML rather than before there were only those players who had money and invest to have the pro and premium tools, so now with the Ryumoto Patcher APK every skilled player has the premium quality of ML so let’s check for the competition!

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