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Tabii APK v1.0.1 [Latest Version] Download For Android


9 May 2023 (1 year ago)

App Name Tabii APK
Latest Version v1.0.1
Last Updated 9 May 2023
Publisher Tabii
Requires Android 4.4 and up
0/5 Rating (0)

Tabii APK is an online video streaming platform that is famous for providing the smoothest services free of cost. It is the only site where you can watch anything with your family as anything that contains sensitive and intimate scenes have been erased from the site. The app has been developed by a famous Turkish company that has designed many apps before as well like Tabii Store which was one of the great store apps that created a huge impact on the internet after its release.

This platform comes from the same house too that is why you can have faith in it. You can use it with no fear. Here, you will be able to stream thousands of famous and hit Turkish dramas and movies like Dirilis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman, Alp Arslan, and many others. There has been an instant increase in demand for Turkish movies all over the world. If you want to watch them then this is the best app where you will be able to do that easily.

About Tabii APK

Tabii APK brings you the best and family friendly movies and dramas from Turkey that you can watch with anyone. It consists of selective and high value content that is meaningful and entertaining. Some of the movies that users keep searching for on the internet and still do not find them have been added to the library of this app. This app takes a good care of all the community standards like many social media apps do.

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To make this app safe for everyone, it has set some strict restrictions which enable the developers to block or restrict people who try to harass anyone on the app. This way, it is made sure that there is a secure environment for everyone who visit the app to relieve their boredom. Moreover, people can also set passwords on their profiles to disallow anyone from invading their privacy. You can predict from the information that we have provided so far that this is a well managed site with strong support. Download the app and join the community of people. Who only watch quality content that not only entertain them. But provide them with great opportunity to learn about new things and concept through movies.

More About the Tabii App

Moreover, If you are familiar with Tabii Store then this name should not be a new to you. The video streaming app was launched after the store had gained enough popularity around the world. Make sure that people trust the platform without having any doubts in their minds. This thing is important in a sense that sometimes people feel reluctant and unsafe while downloading third party apps for various purposes. If you are not in a condition to pay for the subscription and other expenses that these big names demand from the users. Then you do not need to do that either because here is an app which will allow you to watch some of the best and spicy video content for free. Just install the app and make an account after which you are good to go.

Features of Tabii APK

1. Profiles

The users are allowed to make multiple profiles. This feature is super friendly if you have privacy concerns. Sometimes we do not want others to know what we watched or what we are watching. This feature will lock that and prevent any other user from accessing your information.

2. Watching with friends

You can make great memories with your friends by watching movies with them online even. When you are far away with them. Join your friends through the link that they have provided or start a video and add them via a special link. This will help you spend time with your friends through an online platform and also enjoy cinema like experience.

3. Family friendly

It is probably the only video streaming platform available that has blocked all adult content and made its content family friendly. It means that you can watch any movie that is present on this platform with your family and friends without thinking about peeping of any adult content.

4. Devices

You can use the app on more than one device like smartphone, PCs, and others. The videos can be streamed in high quality and resolution. This allows the users to see what they prefer in the best frame and pixels.

5. Content

The app is full of thousands of movies, seasons, and TV shows originating from Turkey. There is no end to your entertainment when you are a user of this app. Download the app in just one click and treat yourself with this stunning site.


Tabii APK will address all your issues related to video streaming. If you are a parent and are facing problems finding something decent to watch with your kids or if you are a youngster and want to watch a decent movie with your parents then hold on and click on the download link right away because this is the place that you are searching for. This app is free from any kind of adult content. It is the most suitable platform if you prefer watching something that is informative whether it be about history, science, or any other topic. Everything will be covered in just one app.

At last, Apart from these features, you can enjoy other beneficial options as well like more than one profiles and best of the best video quality. People have given positive reviews about the resolution feature as well. Because there are only a few apps that allow users to stream the videos in 4K and above resolution. You will be delighted to see how lavishly this app shows you the videos, it is no less than a great Netflix time. You must have noted the differences that this app has than the conventional video streaming sites which do not have any check and balance at all rather they literally stream everything.

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