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AniWave App APK

AniWave App APK v1.6 (Latest Version) Free Download


6 October 2023 (9 months ago)

App Name AniWave App APK
Latest Version v1.6
Last Updated 6 October 2023
Publisher InfluxWave
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 32.52 MB
3.4/5 Rating (9)

Anime industry is providing an increase excitement in our spare hours. The industry has far given us popular anime series as Naruto, Vinland Saga, Jujutsu Kaisen, and a lot more. Also, the lovers of anime has increase exponentially and it never stops. So, to put our hand in this trend, we are here with AniWave App APK. This is the one exclusive stop to watch anime movies, series, and reels.

Anime is having its roots in ancient Japan and other Asian countries. It mostly depicts the old stories and events of freedom fighters and heroes. After that, the introduction of fantasy characters and plots made it more attractive to the users. Also, new arrivals and updates to anime has led in a world-level hype. Anime is now the most popular entertaining genre covering different plots, heroes, and stories.

About AniWave App APK

The AniWave App APK is new version of the prevously launch 9anime app. It aims to provide great quality anime with free tools and great features. The transformation of the previous app to this new one was the cause of some issues relating to DMCA and ISP. Due to which the app domain was not working properly and users were not reaching the content easily.

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With that, this anime application is completely free to use and there are no premium features either. It only requires android 5.0+ device and a good server that supports it size. The user interface is built with simple icons, options, and easy to control tabs. Also, the user is allow to hide or unhide any tab, icon, option, or scroll bar. This will enhance more satisfactory user experience and all controls will be in user’s hands.

More About the App

Now the question comes to whether this application is safe or not? This is because a lot of anime applications have provide unsatisfactory services to user. Due to which anime sites are going down in some regions. So, we are assuring you that AniWave App APK is 100% safe and secure. Also, the safety requirements are strictly followed. With that, the user is encourage to give suggestions and feedbacks as well.

Moreover, the application comes with elegant media player that has unique control system. There is no need to add any player extension to the application. Also, the player is control using simple gestures and taps. It also supports Ultra-HD, HD, and other video qualities as well. The settings on the right top of the screen will open all the tools and options in front.

Features of AniWave App APK

Huge Library:

The application has thousands of anime movies, series, and shows arrange in different pages. Also, the pages have numbers and names for more easy access.

Free Streaming:

The application is giving free streaming services 24/7. Also, online and offline streaming is supported as well.

HD quality:

The anime can be watch in different video resolutions. The application supports Ultra-HD, HD, 480p, etc. resolutions. This gives more details and exposure of the anime content.

New arrivals:

All the new added anime content is separated from the old collection. The user can access it using the ‘New Release’ option on the header.

Trending anime:

This feature of the application enlists all the new trending anime movies, series, or heroes. Also, to keep the viewer up to date with the trend the application sends notification alerts as well.

Simple UI:
The user interface is kept simple and smooth to give easy hand on the features and options of the application.


Lastly, AniWave App APK has enhance all the drawbacks in the previous version. It is now embedded with great picture quality, simple UI, smooth controls, HD resolution, and a lot more. Also, the users are showing their positive feedbacks through suggestions as well. The ultimate stop to watch anime for free is here for all anime fans. Download AniWave App APK now!

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  • Wilbur

    9 months ago

    I love this app I will always use it till I die

  • Kae

    9 months ago